Sarah Bricker Hunt

Sarah Bricker Hunt

Sarah Bricker Hunt, a proud Eastern Michigan University alum and the managing editor for Pride Source/Between The Lines, believes in the power of intentional journalism focused on people building their communities through everyday acts of love and service.

Advice for LGBTQ+ Kids and Teens on Coming Out, Finding Support and Celebrating Who You Are

When my 12-year-old son came out as gay, it was an exciting time. But it was also a little stressful. I wasn’t totally sure how to support him, or even what questions to ask.A few years later, he’s doing great! I thought it would be a [...]

A Decade After Taking a Tour of Ruth Ellis Center, Mark Erwin Steps Into the Executive Director Role

Newly appointed Ruth Ellis Center (REC) Executive Director Mark Erwin says he felt a connection to the organization the first time he visited in 2011, as a guest of Laura Hughes, former REC executive director.“I scheduled a tour of the center [...]

An Already Emotional Michigan Reunion For Folk Duo Nervous But Excited

When Kate Peterson and Sarah Cleaver take the stage at The Ark on Nov. 11, expect some happy tears from the duo known collectively as Nervous But Excited. After all, it’s been a decade since the beloved “pleasantly aggressive” folk [...]

Trans Violence in Detroit Is All Too Common. These Advocates Are Working to Change the Narrative.

Hayden Davis. DeDe Ricks. Ray Muscat. Naomi Skinner. Four lives lost to violence in the Detroit area in 2022. Other than the abrupt and horrifying way their lives were lost — to homicide — they all had something in common: [...]

Queer Things to Do: Get Ready for Your Found Family Thanksgiving, Volunteer with an LGBTQ+ Org

It’s getting colder, but on the plus side, that means more excuses for cuddling (or not leaving the house). On the plus plus side, the election is over, for better or worse. As we move into post-election recovery mode, this list will help you [...]

Meet the Gay Latinx Actor Playing Alexander Hamilton in Detroit

In the musical bearing his name, Alexander Hamilton is a man all too aware of both his impermanence and his influence.  There could never be enough time to do all that he dreams of doing, and he’s not about to “throw away his [...]

Queer Things to Do: Put on Your Slutty Gay Costume, Go See a Scary Show, Watch Shudder's New Queer Horror Series

As we near the end of a year that has already been chock-full of horror thanks to the general state of, well, nearly everything, lean in to the abject terror of our shared existence and really throttle that jack-o’-lantern for all it’s [...]

Queer Things to Do: Attend a Leather Pageant, See Jonathan Van Ness, Go Roller Skating in Costume

October is filled with fall delights, from crunchy leaves to orange-y … sights? Look, you didn’t come here for the poetry. Get out and experience Michigan in all its golden-hued glory (before those pretty leaves fall and the nine-month [...]

Joey Salamon’s Vibrant Paint Palette Is Spreading Queer Joy All Over Michigan

It’s a challenge to reconcile Joey Salamon’s exuberant art style — which favors primary colors, midcentury modern lines and bright, boisterously cheerful rainbows — with the quiet, friendly everyman on the other side of Zoom. [...]

Therapy Is Expensive, But These Queer Social Media Healers Are Just a Tap Away

When it comes to LGBTQ+ mental health, representation matters.In fact, it’s at the heart of why Chris Grant, aka “The Queer Therapist” (@theqtherapist on Instagram), has dedicated so much professional time fostering a strong [...]

Queer Things To Do Right Now-ish: Enjoy Coming Out Day (with Cake), Support Trans Youth, Celebrate Princesses

It’s fall, bitches. And that means two things: winter is coming (so get out now before hibernation is upon us), and self-care just got a whole lot cuter. Who isn’t adorable strolling around in a cozy cardigan sipping a hot mug of Earl [...]

Very First Mackinac Island Pride Promises Quaint Queerness

One notoriously quiet corner of the Great Lakes State is about to get a lot louder (and prouder), when Mackinac Island — recently named “World’s Best Island” by Travel + Leisure —  hosts its first ever Pride [...]