Sarah Bricker Hunt

Sarah Bricker Hunt

Sarah Bricker Hunt, a proud Eastern Michigan University alum and the managing editor for Pride Source/Between The Lines, believes in the power of intentional journalism focused on people building their communities through everyday acts of love and service.

Ann Arbor Is Burning, and You’re Invited

Casting a wary eye across the rainbow-riddled landscape that is corporate-sponsored Pride, it’s no wonder some folks in the LGBTQ+ community have grown skeptical of the entire concept. By mid-June, you might be thinking, “If I see one [...]

This Ferndale Pride Performer Knows Where Your Power Lies

Ahead of her appearance at 6 p.m. June 3 on the Ferndale Pride Dance Stage, Pride Source spent some time getting to know DJ and music producer Alexa Rae Neff, aka RAEDY LEX, a 33-year-old Pittsburgh-born musician who has spent the past decade calling [...]

Queer Things to Do: Attend a Pride Fest, Dress Up for a Gala, Join a Queer Social Club

Pace yourselves, fam. The entire state of Michigan is virtually throbbing with Pride vibes this year, with events stacked up like endless hotcakes at IHOP. The good news is that there’s something for everyone; the bad news is that you’re [...]

Hannah Gadsby Thinks You Deserve a Break

A lot has changed since Hannah Gadsby first took audiences on the unexpected journey that was “Nanette,” their 2018 career-making Netflix special. Yes, there was that whole Trump presidency situation and, oh, that global pandemic hiccup, [...]

Queer Things to Do: Attend a Comedy Show, Go to a Queer Hoedown, See PRISM Men’s Chorus Do Disco

Can you feel that electric buzz in the air? That’s right, friends: Pride season is upon us. You’ll find rainbow-hued delights around every corner from now until July (and even later — find details in our 2023 Michigan Pride [...]

Look Beyond the Big Pride Fests for a Memorable Michigan Road Trip

“Big name” Pride Fests might grab more headlines, but small-town Prides dot the Michigan map from top to bottom, including areas where holding Pride events in 2023 is a courageous act, given the currently raging anti-LGBTQ+ political [...]

Queer Things to Do: Visit a New Queer Club in Detroit, Enjoy Taylor Swift or Adele By Candlelight

It was gonna be May. And then it was, and here we are. Switch things up this month with one or five brand new adventures, from hitting the dance floor at a new queer club, to listening to Taylor Swift played by a string quartet and snagging tickets [...]

The Little Michigan Bookshop with a Heart Big Enough to Combat Right-Wing Hate

When hundreds of counter-protesters showed up to confront an anti-drag contingent that had threatened to disrupt a drag queen storytime at Royal Oak’s Sidetrack Bookshop in March, they were the ones sashaying away. Co-owner Jenny Carney says [...]

Queer Things to Do: Get Billy Porter Tickets, Learn About Adulting with Stand with Trans, Attend an International Animation Festival

Despite what you might have been led to believe, most queer people are up to many things other than discussing Bud Lights on TikTok. In fact, Michigan is alive with possibilities for all your queer pleasures in the real world, from lighthearted good [...]

5 Ways Michigan’s Commitment to LGBTQ+ Civil Rights Is Good for Business

When Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed off on the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act Amendment, enshrining LGBTQ+ discrimination protections into law in March, the occasion marked a long-fought victory for equality in the state. But focusing state [...]

Queer Things To Do: Attend a David Sedaris Show, Go to a Different Kind of 'Church,' Meet the Creator of 'A Strange Loop'

Now that your "Barbie" movie meme stash is fully organized and primed for posting, it’s time to turn your attention to all the joyful queer fun waiting for you in Southeast Michigan this April. See David Sedaris in Detroit, stretch your concept [...]

A Michigan Social Justice Warrior Fighting The Good Fight with an Unlikely Weapon: Quilt Making

A handmade quilt might bring to mind a bygone era in American history — a time when handicrafts like quilting were the norm and long before progressive ideas about gender and diversity had taken root in most of the country.But the truth is [...]