Tieanna Burton

Native Detroiter Tieanna Burton is a Black feminist, community storyteller and visual designer with a passion for social impact and equitable community programming. Her writing explores gender, sexuality and the human experience as a radical form of healing and expression.

Hotter Than July Helped Me Share How Proud I Am to Be Bisexual

Growing up, I followed in my mother's footsteps. Like many single Black women raising a child, she represented diligence and poise. I performed femininity out of example, an obligation of what I knew womanhood to be watching her as a kid. Then I met [...]

Leading With Passion: An Interview With LGBT Detroit's Dionté Brown

Born and raised on the west side of Detroit, Dionté Brown has always loved his hometown. Today, he gives back through his work, and he serves as the program coordinator for LGBT Detroit's Leadership Academy for Mentors and Protégés. "It's a great [...]