How Gay Is Cedar Point?

Cedar Point. "America's Roller Coast." I've been making the two-hour trek down to Sandusky, Ohio to go to the beloved amusement park since I was a wee lad. I [...]

Living My Life Like It’s Golden (Girls)

I saw a t-shirt recently that read, “I don’t know how to act my age. I’ve never been this old before.” Just past 50, the slogan hit [...]

How I Became a Full Time Homo

The year was 1999 and the month was June. Some 24 years ago. I was just days into my new job as a staff writer with Between The Lines when I ended up on the [...]

Me and the Maui Wowie

My first introduction to marijuana came when I was a tender and precocious 8-year-old. No, dear readers, I wasn’t going around puffing on fatties in my [...]

As Motor City Pride Turns 20, Remembering Pride Fest

OK, so the title is slightly misleading. Pride in Metro Detroit goes back farther than 20 years. It’s more like 34. But, if you’ll kindly continue [...]

Coming Out as Mentally Ill

I was 17 in 1989 when I came out to my mother, or rather when she found my collection of Playgirl and Blue Boy magazines. I moved out of my parents' house, got [...]

That Night I Posed with Billy Porter

I like to think I’ve always been ahead of the times. Contemporary. Progressive. In the know. And I certainly was when it comes to the multi-talented star [...]

The Year of Opal

It is with humility, pride and a bit of awe that I celebrate my 24th year with Between The Lines and Pride Source this month. The traditional theme for a 24th [...]