Aleenah Ansari

Aleenah Ansari

Aleenah Ansari is a queer Pakistani writer covering representation in media, travel, entrepreneurship, mental health and wellness, and more for Insider, The Seattle Times, Joysauce and more. You can usually find her searching for murals in Seattle and beyond, reading a book by a BIPOC author and planning her next trip to New York. Learn more at

Finding a Wedding Dress Authentic to My Identity As a Queer Pakistani Woman 

Whenever I visit my grandmother, I ask her to tell me as many stories as possible. Some of them are funny, like the time she’d climb into her neighbor’s yard to eat the ripe mangoes off their trees, or that day her brother braided her [...]

Saying Goodbye to My First Home and Welcoming Homes Yet to Come

Where’s home for you? Is it an apartment, a soft place to land or somewhere where you feel wholly loved, wrapped in the comfort of knowing that you’re safe there? In college, the apartments where I lived were all of this and more. [...]