Courteous Home Service

Whether settling down to start a family, putting down roots in a great location or simply expanding one's space, home ownership can be a thrilling part of [...]

Need Continues to Spike for LGBTQ-Inclusive Elder Housing

The LGBT community is aging and, as a result, its elder care needs are growing. It is estimated that by 2030 there will be over 7 million LGBT adults aged 65 [...]

Lesbian-Owned Ann Arbor Real Estate Investment Company Blends Tech With Tradition

Though real estate can make for a great investment, it's not always easy to start building a robust portfolio. Like many other real estate investment firms, [...]

Gayborhoods May Have Shaped our Country, but Are They a Dying Breed?

By Jeff Hammerberg Finding the right home in the right neighborhood can be difficult, especially if you're hoping to find a progressive and safe space that is [...]

Detroit Builds Cooperatively

Littered with historic architecture, it's not difficult to find shining examples of craftsmanship from the 19th and early 20th centuries in Detroit [...]

How The Best Landlords and Tenants Do It

By Anna Bartolotta As more rental properties appear across Michigan it is more important than ever to keep the tenants in your rental properties happy, [...]

Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams Positions Itself for the Future Under Watchful Eye of its Namesakes

by Joey DiGuglielmo It's a Monday morning and Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams, the visionaries behind the Taylorsville, N.C.-based, eponymous company that bills [...]

Publication Presents Legendary American Photographer Berenice Abbott's Work

Berenice Abbott once said, "The world doesn't like independent women. Why, I don't know, but I don't care." It's that attitude about life that made Abbott one [...]

IKEA Introduces ThisAbles Project

With the help of 3D printers, IKEA is making furniture better for people living with disabilities. The project, dubbed ThisAbles, started off in the IKEA store [...]

Real Estate Entrepreneur Releases E-Book for LGBTQ Home Buyers

Jeff Hammerberg is the founding CEO of, a service connecting clients with compatible agents, and is releasing his new e-book "Real Estate [...]

Close Quarters

If Alexander Weyer had to put a postmark on when he decided to build a tiny home, he'd guess it started about three years ago just as most of his thoughts [...]

Local Domestic Violence Group Turns a 'House into a Home'

The group is called Phoemale and, for anyone wondering, is pronounced just like the word "female." The unique spelling represents the words "phoenix" and [...]

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