Charles Alexander

Dutch Scientists Sound Alarm About Groundhog-Sexual Day

Something to chuckle over...Groundhog Day is once more here. It’s that time of the turncoat season when this rodentia relative of the woodchuck checks out his/her/its shadow to see if it is binary or non-binary.(The trans groundhog rumor was [...]

Gospel 2022 for Mary and Heather

In the Year of the Grand Delusion, during the Reign of Rumors of Lost Wars, a decree went out from the Tetrarch of Theocracy, abiding in the Capitol of Divine Cacophony, that all same-sex couples must register, under penalty of biblical banishment. [...]

Over the Rainbow Christmas

There are paths that by strange chances on Christmas Eve mix up in time, space, thought, crazy activation… Some fact. Some fantasy. Who knows? So it happened once upon a near but distant whimsical time in a universe that was hoodwinked into criss [...]

A Magic Moment Recalled!

About a dozen days ago tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow — at my age how can I be sure? — I was gifted with a pair of John Lennon enchantment glasses.  Gold rimmed. Sunset orange. Autumn tinted. Pre-Donald Trump, to be sure. No Mike Pence [...]

Creativity: One Day At A Time

I started writing my Parting Glances columns in 1990 or thereabouts. The premise was simple enough. Choose an important LGB — and occasionally T — historical event that actually changed things for us, or challenged us to speak out on behalf of our [...]

When Halloween in Detroit Was a Drag Queen Celebration

As the Allies began to beat the Axis in World War II, a mood of cautious celebration took hold in Detroit's gay bar clubs.  Downtown side streets Farmer and Bates, home to Rio Grande, Silver Dollar and LaRosa's bars, became less secretive. More [...]

Three Days to Consider

Monday, Oct. 11 offers three choices: LGBTQ+ celebration, Native American reconsideration, and some conflict of interest to Chris Columbus 1492 believers. As everyone knows, this date marks National Coming Out Day (and the Pride Source assumption is [...]

Some Say 2021. Others Say 5782.

Tuesday, September 7, marked the observance of Rosh Hashanah, the first day of the Jewish New Year, 5782.   Shanah Tovah! (Good Year!). Kenahorah! (Keep the evil eye away!) Last year, Jewish New Years, 5702, was an auspicious traditional [...]

Fines Paid: Then and Now

"Your fine's been paid! Alexander. Ease up! Go back and get on the bus to the city limits." "This time, stay out of trouble!" I was 23 when I heard that bit of last-minute redemption, as it were. It was the Monday following Mother's Day weekend, and [...]

Prof's Advice Ignored!

When I was about 22 or 23 years old, I had what one might call a confidential confrontation. A professor of English said to me bluntly, "I've been told you are or may be a homosexual. I hope that's not true in your case because, if it is, your [...]

OZ Updated

Somewhere over the rainbow in the fabled Land of OZ there were rumors circulating like chatterbox whirlwinds that the latest, newly appointed Wizard of OZ is transgender. It wasn't a sure thing who was responsible for this startling insight: Z-Anon, [...]

Henry Ford Village Pride

This year's Pride Month was also the second year of my stay as a senior at Henry Ford Village (HFV) in Dearborn. The HFV "campus," as it's called (although it has nothing to do with academia per se), includes many residents who are retired school [...]