Chris Azzopardi

Chris Azzopardi

Chris Azzopardi is the Editorial Director of Pride Source Media Group and Q Syndicate, the national LGBTQ+ wire service. He has interviewed a multitude of superstars, including Cher, Meryl Streep, Mariah Carey and Beyoncé. His work has also appeared in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, GQ and Billboard. Reach him via Twitter @chrisazzopardi.

Patti LuPone on 'Hollywood,' Her Basement Videos & Why 'Ladies Who Lunch' Will Never Be the Same

In Ryan Murphy's "Hollywood," the wife becomes the boss, the "black screenwriter" is simply a screenwriter, and the gay leading man is just himself. Naturally, it stars Broadway icon Patti LuPone, who, in conversations like the one we had recently, [...]

Melissa Etheridge Has Chosen Hope for 'Beautiful Change' Over Fear in Uncertain Times

Throughout her dynamic three-decade career, Melissa Etheridge has beat cancer and weathered the devastating emotional toll of the AIDS crisis. Having overcome her own battles, the music legend consequently became a beacon of strength, resilience [...]

Q&A: Sean Hayes on Playing a Woman in Earnest and the Definitive End of 'Will & Grace'

Under any other conditions, it might seem strange to tell Sean Hayes what I'm wearing. Given that Hayes dons a plush robe to play a do-nothing cisgender woman named Susan O'Connell – hence the movie's name, "Lazy Susan" – it makes some sense that I [...]

Q&A: Brandy Clark Talks Being Gay in Country Music, Coming Out and Politics

So, about doing an LGBTQ press interview such as this one: coveted out country music singer-songwriter Brandy Clark is really into it. "This is exciting for me," she tells me one recent afternoon. To be clear, Clark, who's been carrying the torch [...]

Wilson Cruz Talks 'Visible,' His Groundbreaking Gay Role & Its Legacy

The first openly gay actor to play an openly gay series regular in a leading role on TV, Wilson Cruz has witnessed firsthand the changing tides of TV representation. Cruz paved the way for shows such as "Will & Grace" and "Ellen" with his [...]

Jake Shears Talks New Scissor-Sounding 'Meltdown,' His Next Dance Album and Judith Light

Chill vibes permeated his 2018 self-titled solo album, but Jake Shears feels like dancing again. Shears' latest single "Meltdown" is a club banger with shared Scissor Sisters disco DNA – which is exactly the point. Because even though the band has [...]

The Madness of Martha Wash: Disco Queen Talks New Album, Snatching Gays & Sylvester Memories

On her new album, "Love & Conflict," Martha Wash is far removed from her disco days, when she became known as half of The Weather Girls. With the late Izora Rhodes-Armstead, the duo began their career as Two Tons O' Fun. They shot to stardom in [...]

Q&A: Meghan Trainor on LGBTQ-Influenced Body Confidence & Tipping Drag Queens with Sam Smith's Money

It's not necessarily all about that bass. It's also all about that time Sam Smith – yes, that Sam Smith – slipped Meghan Trainor some singles so she could tip some Meghan Trainor drag queens. Because even before Trainor captured adoration from the [...]

A Big Love: Robyn Crawford Talks About Her Romance With Whitney Houston

After four decades of speculation that they were romantically involved, Robyn Crawford has spoken her truth: She loved Whitney Houston. In her heartfelt autobiography released late last year, "A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston," Crawford [...]

Life in the Dollyverse

Dolly was there, almost, holding court despite her lack of humanness, as queer writers on assignment huddled giddily in front of her, awe-stricken by the realness of a fake Dolly.  I stood, out of body, piled into the country legend's Chasing [...]

Just Some Gay Guy's Best Albums of 2019

10. Miranda Lambert, 'Wildcard' After flooding a sublime double-disc album with her post-divorce feelings (hey, divorce is hard!), Miranda Lambert got her groove back and then finally decided that life is "pretty bitchin,'" a sentiment she shares on [...]

Charlize Theron Talks Queerness In Her Films, Being Woefully Straight & Getting Her Daughter's Pronouns Right

"Oh my god, you're gonna make me cry, stop it," Charlize Theron tells me at the end of our recent phone conversation, humbled. But I'm simply being honest when I express gratitude for her continued dedication in seeing that LGBTQ people are [...]