Chris Azzopardi

Chris Azzopardi

Chris Azzopardi is the Editorial Director of Pride Source Media Group and Q Syndicate, the national LGBTQ+ wire service. He has interviewed a multitude of superstars, including Cher, Meryl Streep, Mariah Carey and Beyoncé. His work has also appeared in The New York Times, Vanity Fair, GQ and Billboard. Reach him via Twitter @chrisazzopardi.

Gay For Laura Dern: Actress on What Her Gay Babysitter Taught Her, Telling LGBTQ Stories & 'Little Women' Queerness

#GayTwitter icon Laura Dern's queer cultural contributions – being the first to hug Ellen DeGeneres after she came out publicly, the Renata Klein memes, the belted khaki shorts in "Jurassic Park" – are bountiful fodder for social media hyperbole. [...]

Jennifer Beals Talks 'The L Word' Revival, Why She Still Expects Criticism & Being the 'Most Square' Cast Member

When Jennifer Beals speaks to the universe, the universe listens. Or at least it did this one time while the 55-year-old actress was on a hike. She can't recall the exact year, but it was sometime between 1999 and 2002 when she got down on her knees [...]

Jamie Lee Curtis Talks LGBTQ Compassion, Why She Became an Ally & the True Gay Icon of 'Knives Out'

Thirteen minutes with Jamie Lee Curtis was not quite enough time to find out why, even though it was "very important to me" to investigate the sexuality of one of her characters, she's never considered the sexuality of her most enduring, Laurie [...]

Screen Queen: The Johns

  Polyester  John Waters staged a live chicken decapitation for his 1969 debut feature "Mondo Trasho." In the following year's "Multiple Maniacs," he made anal sex with rosary beads a thing. And in "Pink Flamingos," Divine, his drag muse, [...]

Elizabeth Banks Talks Queering 'Charlie's Angels' & How Kristen Stewart Is 'Definitely Gay' in the Movie

Elizabeth Banks is here for all your lesbian-energy needs. After starring in "Pitch Perfect," which never quite gave a cappella group members Beca and Chloe the full-on queer relationship fans (and even star Anna Kendrick) yearned for, Banks [...]

Q&A: Miranda Lambert on Being a 'Very Proud' LGBTQ Ally, Crying at Pride With Her Gay Brother & Her Queer-Loving God

In June, the queen of modern country music, Miranda Lambert, stood alongside her gay brother, Luke, his husband and her own cop-husband, Brendan McLoughlin, at WorldPride in New York City. She beamed as brightly as the rainbow-colored "PRIDE" [...]

Performer John Duff on Why 'Iconic' Is Overused, Being Understood & Paula Abdul Calling Him 'Strange'

In his 2018 debut music video "Girly," singer-songwriter-director John Duff is seen imitating some of music's biggest pop icons, replicating the shot-by-shot choreography of Madonna's "Hung Up" video and Mariah Carey's gesticulations and [...]

Love Him Little, Love Him Long: John Cameron Mitchell Heads to Ann Arbor With 'Hedwig' Stories, Songs

You very well may have uncovered a truer you thanks to John Cameron Mitchell. Maybe it happened while you were experiencing some kind of divine queer intervention through soul-searching heroine Hedwig Robinson, who comes into herself after making [...]

Adam Lambert Talks Creative Freedom, LGBTQ Music Evolution, Making Cher Cry & Tequila With Queen

At this point, "American Idol" is a mere footnote in Adam Lambert's undaunted, venturesome, decade-long career. It was 2009 when Lambert astonished gays and moms with his confident strut and those sky-high notes, ultimately giving him the runner-up [...]

Q&A: Mika on His Cathartic New LP, Writing It on a 'Sh*tty' Piano & Consequences of Being Out

It's 8:30 in Italy, and maybe if Mika didn't feel so deeply connected to his new album he'd just want to go to bed. But the sparky glam-pop performer doesn't mind my before-bed call; in fact, he's thrilled to be talking about "My Name Is Michael [...]

The Unicorn Magic of Kristin Chenoweth: Icon Talks Gay Cruise Heaven & Not Stalking Dolly Parton

Kristin Chenoweth likes to say that if it can't be explained, it must be the unicorns. Why does she have so many gay fans? Well, you're only partially right if you thought it was because she originated the role of a beguiling, bedazzled, not-wicked [...]

Q&A: Trisha Yearwood Talks Her Country-Defiant LGBTQ Support, Lesbian Love & the Nashville Closet

Trisha Yearwood has never cared what the country community thought of her LGBTQ allyship, so why start now? The country music icon, who has lent her robust and emotionally resonant mezzo-soprano to hit songs like "She's in Love With the Boy," "How [...]