Crystal A. Proxmire

Crystal Proxmire is the editor and publisher of The Oakland County Times. She loves covering municipal governance and cheering on community efforts.

100 Backpacks Needed for Ruth Ellis Center

The folks at MCC Detroit are about a quarter of the way to reaching their goal of giving 100 backpacks to youth at Ruth Ellis Center. The congregation works closely with REC all year round, collecting clothing and personal care items for young [...]

Why Walk And When?: September Arrives With AIDS Walks In Sight

Quilt panels from the Names Project will be at this year's Steppin' Out Walk in Royal Oak, Sept 15. There is still time to sign up and walk, volunteer and donate. Visit the website to learn more. BTL file photo. "A lot of young people are doing [...]

Ferndale Pride Numbers In, Sets 2014 Date

The Ferndale Pride Committee has announced the date for next year's Ferndale Pride as May 31, 2014. Though the date falls just outside of the traditional June month of Pride, it keeps the event from conflicting with the Motor City Pride which will [...]

Up North: Harrisville To Gather For Equalityfest

Harrisville, Michigan will be the latest city to celebrate LGBT pride on Aug. 17 beginning at 11 a.m., with the upcoming Equalityfest, taking place on the grounds of the Harrisville Holistic Center on Hwy. 23 near the junction of Hwy. 72. The event [...]

Number 23: Kalamazoo Township Joins The List Of Communities that Protect Citizens

Kalamazoo Township elected officials adopted an inclusive human rights ordinance Tuesday night, making them the 23rd municipality in Michigan to do so. The ordinance is worded to specifically protect the gay and transgender community from [...]

Hot Weekend Ahead For Hotter Than July

DETROIT – Capping off a week-long celebration of Black Pride in the Detroit Area are several Hotter than July events that will connect over 20,000 LGBT people and their allies. Thursday is the perfect night to pack the Cass City Cinema for some [...]

State Answer To Hazel Park Couple And Kids: You Are Not A Family

HAZEL PARK The case of a Hazel Park couple suing for the right to marry and adopt their children is moving towards their Oct. 1 trial date, with the State of Michigan answering the claims against them with a very simple defense: they are not a [...]

Shelly's Murder Not Forgotten: Documentary In Progress

DETROIT – The murder of 19-year-old Shelly "Treasure" Hilliard (Moore) Oct. 23, 2011 sent shock waves through the transgender community in Detroit. Her torso had been decapitated, burned and stashed underneath a mattress. People who knew Shelly, [...]

Where's The Party? Democratic LGBT Caucus Gets Pumped Up For Politics

When Mark LaChey went to North Carolina to serve as a delegate for the Democratic National Convention, he was struck by the warm welcome he and other LGBT people received. He and over 500 others were invited from across the country to discuss their [...]

What's At Stake In Royal Oak?

Despite statewide campaigns and plenty of BTL stories, there are still people in the LGBT community who do not realize they can be fired for being gay in Michigan. That's why cities across the state have enacted local human rights ordinances. And [...]

Clerk Brings In New Lawyers To 'Defend' In Hazel Park Couple's Case

DETROIT – Even though she is a defendant in the case, Oakland County Clerk Lisa Brown wants to see the Hazel Park couple who is suing for the right to marry and adopt their children be successful. That's why she's dismissed the county-paid [...]

Transitioning In The Workplace

Jessica Manko and Tina Seitz co-presented Transitioning in the Workplace to share their stories of transitioning on the job and to share tips with others who are considering the same. BTL Photo by Crystal Proxmire Transitioning in the workplace can [...]