Crystal A. Proxmire

Crystal Proxmire is the editor and publisher of The Oakland County Times. She loves covering municipal governance and cheering on community efforts.

Congressman Gary Peters Talks About Senate Campaign At Harrisville Equalityfest

U.S. Cong. Gary Peters addresses the Harrisville gathering Saturday. BTL photo: Crystal Proxmire. Congressman Gary Peters is expecting a tough battle as he vies for the U.S. Senate seat that will be left vacant after 36-year-Senator Carl Levin ends [...]

Mayor's Race More Than Just A Gay 'Duel,' Four On Ballot For Nov. 5

Ferndale Mayoral Candidates from left: Ferndale Mayor Dave Coulter, Sherry Wells, Linda Parton and Craig Covey will be running Nov. 5. FERNDALE – The Ferndale election has already garnered international attention. USA Today ran an article about [...]

Harrisville Equalityfest Brings Pride To NE Michigan

Jessica Bassing of Germany with Zephry Gossett and Dawn Huaman of Harrisville.BTL photo: Crystal Proxmire. HARRISVILLE – Way up north along the Lake Huron shoreline is a town of less than 500 people called Harrisville, Michigan. The town became the [...]

Cedar Point Cancels Wedding Contest Rather Than Include Gay Couples

Sandusky, OH – Cedar Point, a theme park well-known to LGBT Michiganders who flock to their unofficial Gay Day each June, has decided to cancel a wedding day contest rather than open it up to same-sex couples. The contest was for 13 couples to be [...]

Cissell And Covey Turn In Pro Pot Petition for Ferndale

Despite Police Chief Tim Collins calling the effort a "waste of time," and a "black eye for Metro Detroit," former Mayor (and potential candidate) Craig Covey and Andrew Cissell have turned in over 600 signatures in a move to de-criminalize [...]

Michigan LGBT Romance Writers Group Seeks Happily Ever After

Members of writer's group gather at Ferndale Pride. BTL photo: Crystal Proxmire A good romance novel can carry the reader away from their own day-to-day worries and let their imaginations get a nice workout – a hot, steamy workout without the bother [...]

Come Together At The Capitol For Michigan Pride

LANSING – The 2013 Pride season's grand finale is coming Aug. 24 as people from all around the state converge on the state capitol for the march, rally and festival that is Michigan Pride. Organizers selected the Aug. 24 dates so as not to compete [...]

LGBT Learning: GVSU's New Minor And The Queer Lit Class

Prof. Danielle DeMuth The power of literature to change lives has been apparent throughout history and for Grand Valley State University's Lesbian Gay and Queer Literature professor this is no exception. Danielle DeMuth was 22 years old, freshly out [...]

Snyder On Attracting LGBT Families To Michigan: 'A Fine Act'

If the State legislature were to make moves to make Michigan more attractive to LGBT families, it would be "a fine act" as far as Governor Rick Snyder is concerned. The comment came at a press conference following his speech at The Macomb County [...]

DESIGN Events To Fight AIDS, Showcase Detroit

A table installation from the 2011 DIFFA: Dining By Design DETROIT – Elegance, originality and the spirit of Detroit combine for one of Michigan AIDS Coalition's most prominent fundraisers of the year Dining By Design by DIFFA (Design Industries [...]

Revival: Pontiac Candidates Banking On Redemption

29-year-old city council candidate Mike McGuinness and 25-year-old library board candidate Ronnie Karpinski have made a commitment to Pontiac. McGuinness hopes to serve on the city council come Nov.5 and his partner Karpinski hoeps to serve on the [...]

Human Rights Ordinance Approved in Oshtemo Twp, On the Table in Battle Creek

Editor's Note: Battle Creek approved their Human Rights Ordinance on Sept. 3, 2013 "I would love more than anything to bring my beautiful wife to our company Christmas Party without the fear of being fired." The words came from a woman speaking at [...]