D'Anne Witkowski

D'Anne Witkowski is a writer living in Michigan with her wife and son. She has been writing about LGBTQ+ politics for nearly two decades. Follow her on Twitter @MamaDWitkowski.

Talk Show Host Wistfully Remembers How Great It Was For Gays During AIDS Epidemic

Those who forget history, or who willfully ignore it, are doomed to repeat it, which is why it should worry you that the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capital has been dismissed by Republicans as a routine visit by some rowdy but well meaning tourists. [...]

Crip Crusader' Dominick Evans of Detroit Works Toward Full Onscreen Representation For Disabled and Trans People

Dominick Evans has an alter ego: the Crip Crusader. He's on a mission to make sure that disabled and transgender people are represented in the media and not just by cisgender and able-bodied actors. Evans came up with the Crip Crusader while talking [...]

Twitter Silences U.S. Rep By Forcing Him to Use His Second Twitter Account to Complain About Twitter Suspending His Other Account

Twitter owes U.S. Rep. Jim Banks (R-Indiana) a big apology. They canceled him! Just because he used the site to do something that directly violated their terms of service — the very terms he agreed to when signing up for a Twitter account. IT'S SO [...]

The Ultimate Holigay Gift Guide: 14 Ideas To Make the Season Bright

Let's face it, two things are true: most of us don't need more stuff, and it's fun to give and receive presents. So shop smart and support local artists, small businesses, LGBTQ+ non-profits and LGBTQ-supportive campaigns this holiday season. Here's [...]

Texas School District Has Had It With Long-Haired Hippie Students

Hair is political.  The rules about hair in the United States are, well, hairy. A lot of it goes back to the Bible, which has lots of wild opinions about hair. In Leviticus, it states that men shouldn't trim their beards or the hair at their [...]

Grindr Improves User Experience By Allowing Users to Include (Tasteful) Bare-Butt Shots in Public Profiles

Today I learned that LinkedIn, the popular social networking site, is now allowing people to use bare-butt photos in their profiles. I was a little surprised considering that — oh, wait. It's Grindr, not LinkedIn. I am always getting those two [...]

Remembering Aut Bar: How the Iconic Ann Arbor Bar Brought a Community of LGBTQ+ People Together

Twenty two years ago, Ann Arbor resident Debra Miller came out at age 44 after a long marriage. The first LGBTQ+ space she went to was the Aut Bar. "When I came out, I didn't realize how difficult it would be to feel safe or feel comfortable," [...]

Making Care Sexy: Michigan Native Documents Intersection of Sexuality and Disability

Disabled people are sexual beings. Unfortunately, this fact is rarely depicted in the media or even something most able-bodied people consider.  Photographer and Yale MFA graduate Robert Andy Coombs seeks to change that with his work. The [...]

This Artist and Historian Are Preserving Michigan LGBTQ+ History With a Comic Book About the State's First Pride March

When Merrilee Melvin, then 24, came out as lesbian to some coworkers in 1972, she didn't expect to lose her job. "I was working at a little print shop in Detroit, and I had come out to my coworkers," she tells Pride Source via phone from her home in [...]

How the Design and Function of Nature Is Impacting Auto Manufacturing

"It all started with a Beetle." This could be the beginning of a story about someone who went on to become a "car nut" engineer or somebody who went on to become an entomologist. In Rich Altherr's case, it's a little of both. Altherr, 48, is [...]

North Carolina Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson Opens Mouth, Spews Filth

Dear Readers, I am not filth. And neither are you. This isn't something that I should have to declare. But readers of this column know that there are people who don't think LGBTQ+ people are human. Far too many are in positions of power where what [...]

Art Heals in Rogério Pinto's Intimately Personal 'Realm of the Dead' U-M Exhibit

The death of a child is the stuff of nightmares for parents. The pain and the anguish never really go away, and the entire family is reshaped by such a tragic event.  Such was the case for Rogério Pinto, professor and associate dean for [...]