Dawn Wolfe

Dawn Wolfe is thrilled to be back at BTL as a freelancer. As a staff writer at Inside Philanthropy, Dawn covers the impact of philanthropy on economic and social justice, reproductive rights, racial equity and LGBTQ+ issues.

Sept. 2, 2004: The Financial Burden of Trans Life

My passion to advocate for the rights and dignity of transgender people was born on a newspaper delivery route.

Despite Right-Wing Backlash, Michigan Is Better Than Ever For Trans People. These Two Women Made That Progress Possible.

When Rachel Crandall Crocker and Susan Crocker met in the ’90s, there were so few organizations for transgender people that they had to start one on their own. Trans people’s fight to change the gender markers on their Michigan

The Data on Funding for LGBTQ+ Causes Is Seriously Incomplete. Here’s Why.

When my colleague Philip Rojc mused in August about numerous claims of underfunding in the nonprofit world versus the comparative lack of data about the amount of money actually being moved to those causes, Movement Advancement Project LGBTQ Program

This Michigan Man Just Wants to Live With His Husband. The U.S. Government Has Kept Them Apart for More Than 10 Years.

Their relationship has survived two-and-a-half presidencies (so far), roughly 12 years and a separation of nearly 2,000 miles. Now, all Tim Hunter and Hugo Gallardo Petatan want is to start their married life together.But they can’t do that