June 11, 1998: Lesbian Teens Turn Heads at Small-Town Prom

One trend has continued for as long as I can remember: When it comes to mental health, LGBTQ+ students are still struggling more than their peers.

November 1996: Pilgrimage of Remembrance: Michigan Residents Join Thousands for D.C. Quilt Display

I am grateful to have documented the perspectives of different Michiganders who made the pilgrimage by chartered bus: A gay man from Battle Creek there to honor

June 1995: Summer Fashions

We wanted a queer, feminist revolution. We understood that a newspaper would be a fulcrum for that radical vision. And it was.

September 1993: Stakes Rise in Michigan Holy War

When I founded Between The Lines in 1993, I wanted our community’s newspaper to celebrate our freedom and creativity while sounding the alarm about people who

50 Facts, 50 Years Later: What You Should Know About Christopher Street Detroit ‘72

This summer marks a milestone anniversary, yet most people don’t realize there’s an anniversary to mark.A half century ago, Michiganders who united [...]

Remembering John Kavanaugh: An Unabashed Hellraiser Leaves One Helluva Legacy

Early coordinator of the Detroit Gay Liberation Front, a founder of the Metropolitan Community Church of Detroit, and a constant gadfly for change within the [...]

Singing for the Unsung: 9 Black LGBTQ+ Michigan Trailblazers You Should Know

February is, of course, Black History Month. It’s a good opportunity to celebrate and learn more about Black history, but it can be challenging to piece [...]

Jim Toy Just Received His Honorary Doctorate from U-M. Here's What the Pioneering LGBTQ+ Activist Told Us.

Fifty years ago this fall, pioneering activist Jim Toy co-founded, with Cyndi Gair, the Human Sexuality Office at the University of Michigan. Now designated [...]

Skim Milk' Marriages not Enough: Ginsburg Remembered as LGBTQ Ally

As the nation mourns the passing of former U.S. Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, attorneys who argued major LGBTQ cases before the U.S. Supreme Court [...]

Ric Grenell Snaps at Reporter Asking About Decriminalizing Homosexuality

Ric Grenell, the former acting director of national intelligence and who's now the face of the Trump campaign's LGBTQ outreach, rebuked a reporter Friday at [...]

Holland Approves Citywide LGBTQ Protections

The nine-year wait to pass anti-discrimination protections for LGBTQ residents of the city of Holland is over. It took a seven-hour City Council meeting that [...]

D.C. Installs 'Progress Pride' Rainbow Flag Crosswalk

Representatives of the Office of the Mayor as well as the Director of the D.C. Department of Transportation looked on as a rainbow crosswalk was installed at [...]

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