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A New Owner And Expanded Mission For

It lasted far longer than it was supposed to. When Pride Source Media Group and I launched in 2008, the website devoted exclusively to professional theater in Michigan was intended to be in use for no longer than about six [...]

Scathing, timely satire returns to The Second City - and you'll LOL and ROFL

In years past, The Second City-Detroit was known for its biting satires. No subject was deemed too sacred, and no local personality went untouched. But over time, the topics became somewhat generic and the humor less scathing – and this once-great [...]

You'll be smiling at Meadow Brook Theatre

In the final moments of "Beyond the Rainbow" at Meadow Brook Theatre, Judy Garland sits alone on an edge of the Carnegie Hall stage. A single spotlight draws all eyes to her. The year is 1961, and as the 38-year-old faded movie star sings her [...]

Curtain Calls

Satire of rural life starts New Year off with a bang When I first learned that "Greater Tuna" was part of Meadow Brook Theatre Ensemble's inaugural season, I was – to put it politely – not impressed. It's not that the two-man comedy was a BAD [...]

Stratford Festival's box office now open to the public

STRATFORD, ONTARIO – Tickets to the Stratford Festival of Canada's 2004 season are now available to the general public. The box office opened to Members of the Stratford Festival on November 27. Since that date, more than 174,000 tickets to Festival [...]

Curtain Goes Down On Curtain Calls

Retiring editor Donald V. Calamia celebrating his recent 60th birthday. Photo: J. Williams Back in the summer of 2001 when co-publishers Jan Stevenson and Susan Horowitz placed a small ad in the newspaper seeking to hire someone to help expand their [...]

Strange Bedfellows Change History (And Each Other)

Madelyn Poirter, Dan Johnson and Greg Trzaskoma in "The Best of Enemies." Photo: UDM Theatre Company Discussions of race and racism in modern-day America are fraught with danger, as emotion and passion often trump civility and reason, and political [...]

It's Curtain Time For Theaters & Theatergoers Alike

Krisha Marcano (Florence Ballard), Allison Semmes (Diana Ross) and Trisha Jeffrey (Mary Wilson) in "Motown The Musical," coming to Detroit's Fisher Theatre Oct. 21-Nov. 16. Photo: Joan Marcus Applause will soon be busting out all over Southeast [...]

Curtain Calls

Review: 'The Rainbow' {HEADLINE Controversial 1915 novel has much to say to 21st century audiences} If nothing else, the cast of "The Rainbow" at Ann Arbor's Blackbird Theatre deserves a hardy round of applause for just going out there and giving [...]

Curtain Calls

Review: 'Driving Miss Daisy' Excellent performances drive fine drama at Meadow Brook It's probably safe to assume that more people have seen the movie "Driving Miss Daisy" than will ever attend the play from which it was adapted. And that's a [...]

Life At UDM Is A Cabaret, My Friend

The UDM Theatre Company is closing its 42nd season with a rather unique endeavor in a rather untraditional space (for them) and featuring a very unique mix of performers. And the result is a night of entertainment that's tough to review, but [...]

Not Just 'Women's Territory' At Two Muses

Liz Jaffee (Shelby) realizes she cannot conceal her physical condition when Brenda Lane (Truvy) gives her a manicure and Margaret Gilkes (Ouiser), Emily Caffery (Annelle), and Diane Hill (Clairee) catch a glimpse of her arms. Photo: Steve Hill In [...]