Mark McMillan

Childhood Sexual Abuse: The Silent Shame

Warning: this column may contain content that may be triggering for some readers. This past year in my practice, I began to see both male and female clients who presented with a past history of child sexual abuse. Unfortunately, the statistics prove [...]

Let's Talk About Drinking and Health

I am often asked from clients and friends if I believe there is a healthy amount of alcohol that may be consumed on a regular basis. Of course, no one likes my response: actually no, there is not. However, I also like to reframe the question: How do [...]

The Need for a Non-Judgmental Community Conversation About Drug Use

"Drug addict," "philanderer," "lifestyle" … these are the pejoratives that substance abuse professionals used in a workshop I recently attended at a national conference on substance abuse. I was shocked to hear such judgmental and stigma-laden words [...]