Flint Couple Tackles Kidney Disease, Highlights Story for April, National Donate Life Month

It was 2004 and Deb Gustafson and her wife, Sue Weston, were planning on having a great time. The Flint couple was about to go on long-planned vacation when [...]

SAGE Table Looks to Link Up Different Age Groups

A SAGE Table is a program of SAGE Metro Detroit, an agency dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQ older adults, and is an intergenerational dinner event [...]

Support Group for Trans and Non-Binary Clients

Corktown Health Center is offering a six-session weekly support group for trans and non-binary clients to come together and process their experiences relating [...]

Benefit for Community Health Awareness Group

The Community Health Awareness Group, the largest minority AIDS service organization in Michigan, has been providing prevention and care services for some of [...]

Let's Talk About Drinking and Health

I am often asked from clients and friends if I believe there is a healthy amount of alcohol that may be consumed on a regular basis. Of course, no one likes my [...]

UM University Health Center Introduces New Trans Care Team

After 15 years of serving transgender and non-binary patients, staff at the University Health Center in the University of Michigan understood there was still a [...]

A Gluten-Free Guide to Detroit Dining

Metro Detroit has a wide and wonderful selection of food opportunities — unless you have allergies and diet restrictions, in which case you might be out of [...]

From Injury to Industry

Oct. 5, 2010 started off just like any other day for Brandon La Forest. He woke up a little early, had a meeting at the office and was on his way to an [...]

Talking Body

Decorative Artist Matt Lambert Explores Queer Body Politics To fully consume the queer concepts in Matt Lambert's body of work, use your primordial senses: [...]

Ypsilanti Nutritionist Offers Queer and Trans-Inclusive Healing

The relationship between trans, queer and LGBIA+ patients and their healthcare providers has forever been a shaky one, as the medical community's understanding [...]

Popular Apps to Keep You Healthy in 2018

DietBet Perfect for anyone who needs some extra motivation to lose weight, DietBet is the fun way to get fit—and get paid to do it. It's unlike any other diet [...]

Health News Hits

LGBT Health Resources Removed from HHS Website A webpage devoted to lesbian and bisexual health, links to LGBT topics and other references were removed between [...]

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