Sarah Bricker Hunt

Sarah Bricker Hunt

Sarah Bricker Hunt, a proud Eastern Michigan University alum and the managing editor for Pride Source/Between The Lines, believes in the power of intentional journalism focused on people building their communities through everyday acts of love and service.

Madonna Was an AIDS Advocate Before the President Would Even Say the Word

These highlights from her long career are just a few examples of how the pop queen has always advocated for AIDS patients and their loved ones.

Join a Queer Bowling League, Attend Ann Arbor Folk Fest, Compete in a Queer Euchre Tournament

Now that we’ve officially crossed into the part of the winter season where the days are longer than the nights, it’s time to look ahead with renewed hope and curiosity. May your 2024 bring an abundance of light and laughter and plenty of [...]

New Year, New Opportunities for Community Connection for LGBTQ+ Michigan Seniors

An innovative initiative in 2024 will bring enhanced community resources to seniors in the local area. In collaboration with Corktown Health Center and Affirmations, the organization will establish dedicated community centers catering to the unique [...]

Pope Francis Paves the Way for Same-Sex Catholic Blessings

Catholic priests will no longer be barred from blessing same-sex relationships after a Dec. 18 announcement from the Vatican on behalf of Pope Francis. Longstanding Catholic practices have forbidden these blessings due to the church’s marriage [...]

‘Breaking Free’ Changed Everything for This Once-Closeted Secret Service Agent

Growing up, Cory Allen found inspiration for what his adult life would become in an unexpected place: the police officers who frequently visited his childhood home in rural Virginia to resolve domestic disputes between his mother and live-in [...]

Play Bingo with Latrice Royale, Sing Christmas Carols with PRISM, Join the Roller Derby

You did it! Another sometimes tumultuous, whirlwind year is in the books, and here you are, triumphant and not at all tired or ready for one of those long winter’s naps. Or maybe you are, and that’s fine, too. When you’re ready to [...]

How a Conductor from Michigan Is Creating Safe Spaces for the Queer Musician Community in Deep Red Florida

Chances are, if you were to close your eyes and picture an orchestra conductor, you’d likely conjure up a stereotypical image: “old, white man in a tuxedo with gray hair,” says conductor Kevin Fitzgerald. “These are the images [...]

Good Riddance, George Santos — Long Live Kitara Ravache!

The sad, predictable ousting of George Santos from the esteemed (just kidding) halls of our nation’s Congress isn’t the satisfying end to the saga of the “proud, gay thief” I’d been hoping for. I’m still left with [...]

Newsflash: Bowen Yang Is Not Joel Kim Booster, Despite What You May Have Read in Other Queer Outlets 

At this point, we almost feel bad for the editorial team at Out magazine, who just cannot seem to nail down the basics when it comes to the apparently Herculean task of correctly identifying two entirely separate human beings who happen to both be [...]

How the Late Sandra Day O’Connor, America’s First Female Supreme Court Justice, Evolved on LGBTQ+ Rights Late in Her Career

When Sandra Day O’Connor, who died Nov. 30 at age 93 and served as America’s first female Supreme Court Justice, officiated the first same-sex marriage conducted at the Supreme Court in 2013, she’d been retired from the bench for [...]

Why the Ringwald Theatre’s Vince Kelley Wrote a Christmas Show About Barbra Streisand

When the curtain rises on the Ringwald Theatre’s latest production, “Jingle Babs,” audiences will be transported to 1967 New York City. Amongst the glitz and glitter on Broadway is a highly stressed Barbra Streisand contemplating [...]

See 'Frozen' Live, Watch the 'Let's Go, Barbie' Band Perform, Get a Mental Health Boost

Pace yourselves, friends. There’s almost too much to do this time of year and endless ways to contribute to the economy, as your wallet and busy calendar can attest. The good news is that you can mix it up with high-energy functions like a fun [...]