What It Would Mean to Justin Mendoza to Become Michigan’s First Latino LGBTQ+ Legislator 

Within months of losing his job and health insurance during the last recession, Justin Mendoza’s late father was hospitalized with an infection in his [...]

Why LGBTQ+ People Must Vote In The Upcoming Midterms

We are under attack. It’s not exaggeration or hyperbole to say that there are those in America today who want to seriously harm individuals in the LGBTQ+ [...]

Family Research Council Calls Self ‘Church.' This Michigan Rep Obviously Calls Bullsh*t.

In an outrageous move that strains credulity — and just plain common sense — the Family Research Council (FRC) has obtained "church" status with the [...]

Michigan’s Homophobia-Fighting Candidates: Nessel, Whitmer and Benson Strike Epic ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Pose

Good morning, angels!Michigan’s Trifecta of Female Badassery (Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson) [...]

How First Openly Nonbinary Michigan State House Candidate Thinks We Can Achieve Equity

While she and other white allies were painting an outdoor mural the summer of George Floyd’s murder, Lansing resident Emily Dievendorf was hit head on by [...]

Historic Michigan Coalition of Pro-Equality Organizations Puts Collective Muscle Behind Campaign to Get Out the Queer Vote

As recently as a few weeks ago, those who support an anti-gay agenda in Michigan were out in full force. Voters in west Michigan’s Jamestown Township were [...]

With This Supreme Court, the LGBTQ+ Community Must Prepare for Attacks on Their Rights

There’s an old adage that advises people to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.With the U.S. Supreme Court now dominated by a conservative [...]

Michigan Voters To Choose Between Democrats, Radically Unhinged Transphobes In November

I am writing this on Primary Election Eve. By the time you’re reading this, races across the country will be decided, for better or worse.In Michigan, we [...]

Gabriela Santiago-Romero on Detroit City Council Win: 'I'm Still Processing My Emotions and Feeling Overwhelmed With Joy and Pride'

Gabriela Santiago-Romero, a first-generation Mexican American from southwest Detroit, became the first Latinx out LGBTQ+ woman elected to the Detroit City [...]

Go Vote! LGBT Detroit Mobilization Endorses 8 Pro-LGBTQ+ Candidates for Today's Primary

Michigan's August 2021 primary elections will be held today, Tuesday, Aug. 3, and, like Michiganders in the rest of the state, Detroiters are gearing up to [...]

Michigan Supreme Court to Decide on Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Case

When current Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Bridget Mary McCormack campaigned for reelection last year, she said she wouldn't consider it a win unless [...]

Sarah McBride Elected Highest-Ranking out Trans Legislator in U.S.

Sarah McBride, who once made history at the Democratic National Convention in 2016, achieved another milestone Tuesday night by winning an election in Delaware [...]