Voting Campaign NextGen to Host Jadein Black and Boylesque Drag Sept. 19

Drag Queens and Voting Machines While an event that combines drag performance with voter education might seem incongruous, the creative minds at the youth [...]

Sarah McBride Wins Primary, Likely to Be First Out Trans State Senator in U.S.

Sarah McBride, who in 2016 was the first openly transgender person to address the Democratic National Convention, made history again with a primary victory [...]

Equality at the Polls Needed: 2 LGBTQ Poll Workers Talk Volunteering

During the 2016 presidential race, roughly 1 million election inspectors, or poll workers as they are often called, were needed across the U.S. to aid in the [...]

LGBTQ Activists Condemn U.S. Rep. Fred Upton for Homophobic Attacks on Jon Hoadley

U.S. Rep. Fred Upton (R-Michigan), one of the longest-serving members of the U.S. House of Representatives, has burnished a reputation for decency and [...]

GLAAD Condemns 3 Michigan Anti-Trans Campaign Ads

Last month Politico reported turmoil within the Trump administration about whether to run anti-transgender campaign advertisements in battleground states like [...]

Facing Trump's LGBTQ Outreach, Advocates Hold Firm on Plan to Show his Record

Faced with the Trump campaign's attempt at LGBTQ outreach — an unprecedented effort from a Republican presidential nominee, especially from an incumbent who [...]

2020 Democratic and Republican National Convention LGBTQ Wrap-Up

Despite social distancing requirements created by the novel coronavirus pandemic, over the last two weeks, both the Democratic and Republican Parties adapted [...]

Cher Raises $2 Million for Biden at LGBTQ Virtual Fundraiser

"So ask yourself, do you believe in life after Trump?" That was the question asked by Cher, paraphrasing the title of her iconic song, at the virtual LGBTQ [...]

National LGBT Chamber of Commerce Endorses Joe Biden for President

The national LGBT Chamber of commerce has endorsed Joe Biden for president in the 2020 election. Read the organization's full statement here: Washington, D.C. [...]

Republican National Convention LGBTQ Summary Day 2

As the second night of the Republican National Convention got underway Tuesday night, the voiceover on a video showing the U.S. Constitution said, "Without [...]

Monday Night Republican National Convention Coverage

The first night of the Republican national convention spent considerable time reassuring Black and Latinx people that it is the party of "diversity," "values" [...]

Gov. Whitmer to Be Guest at Planned Parenthood Virtual Office Opening

In operation for over a century, Planned Parenthood has created a legacy of providing contraceptive care, sexual education and fought for the reproductive [...]