Patti Harrison Luckily Has a Lot to Say About Being Trans in Hollywood, Poop, Dildos and Elle Fanning

There still aren’t enough trans actors in Hollywood, but at least there’s Patti Harrison. Harrison is currently starring in the big blockbuster [...]

A Queer Slate, In Focus: The Studio That Brought Us ‘Brokeback Mountain’ Turns 20 

For 20 years now, Focus Features has been distributing and funding queer-focused movies, marketing them successfully to a wide audience even early on. As a [...]

Power, Putin and, Yes, the Tiger King: John Cameron Mitchell on What We Can Learn About Abusing Authority From Joe Exotic

What could Joe “Tiger King” Exotic and fictional genderqueer arthouse punk-rocker Hedwig Robinson possibly have in common? John Cameron Mitchell.And [...]

7 Must-See Programs and Films Honoring Black History Month

Black History Month — the shortest month of the year, sadly — is quickly coming to a close once again. But before the month is over, take some time [...]

Call Me Mentor: Leslie Jordan and Cheyenne Jackson on What They've Learned From Each Other

Leslie Jordan and Cheyenne Jackson, co-stars in the Fox multicam sitcom “Call Me Kat,” are in separate locations on Zoom, tenderly admiring each [...]

Jonathan Van Ness Talks New Netflix Show, Inspiring LGBTQ+ Youth and Newfound 'Sense of Ease' in Who They Are

Before I talk to Jonathan Van Ness about their new Netflix show, “Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness,” they take me on a little on-camera [...]

With His Empowering Sundance Debut, Antonio Marziale Is Provocative with Purpose

Writing and directing for the first time in his filmmaking career, Antonio Marziale didn’t make “Starfuckers,” which he also acts in, with the [...]

The New Queer Cinema Movement Paved the Way for Today's Mainstream LGBTQ+ Films. But at What Cost?

“We’re not like them,” says one man to another, laying atop him on a dirty roadside. “We don’t have as much time — so [...]

Bridget Everett Takes on Small-Town Queer Chosen Family in One of the Most Moving Shows of the Year

Bridget Everett is surrounded by queer people in her everyday life. She’s got queer friends, queer family, queer fans — the latter of which she [...]

Celebrating the Rich History of Drag Elders in Ann Arbor

It took Donna Personna a long time to get up the nerve to put on a dress.“It took me 59 years to have the bravery to be who I really feel that I am: a [...]

‘Scream’ Screenwriter Kevin Williamson Confirms Billy and Stu’s Queer-Coded Relationship Was Based on Real Gay Killers

If you’re still wondering about those homoerotic undertones 25 years after Billy Loomis and Stu Macher terrorized Woodsboro in Wes Craven’s [...]

A Survivor to Scream About: Neve Campbell on ‘Scream’ Queer Theories (Yes, Billy and Stu), and How Sidney Still Inspires the LGBTQ+ Community

As Sidney Prescott, fierce fighter of the knife-wielding Ghostface since the mid 1990s, Neve Campbell has represented strength and survival to generations of [...]

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