How Randy Rainbow Is More 'Raw' Than He's Ever Been

There are far worse things happening in the world, clearly, but political-parody sensation Randy Rainbow does have a bone to pick with some folks. And this [...]

Detroit, Here He Comes: 5 Times Lil Nas X Delivered Earth-Shattering Queerness

Not very long ago at all, hardly anyone had heard of Montero Lamar Hill. One record-breaking first single, “Old Town Road” (the remix won him a [...]

This Michigan Playwright Has Some Important Things to Say About Race, Queerness, God and Tupac. He's Finally Saying Them.

Emilio Rodriguez thought nothing of it when he handed a cache of unproduced scripts to an Ann Arbor artistic director four years ago. Rodriguez isn’t new [...]

Back to School: 9 Queer-Inclusive Picture Books For LGBTQ+ Kids

Back-to-school time is here, so why not get your kids in the mood with some LGBTQ-inclusive picture books set in schools? There are now many such books, but [...]

30 Years After His First Audition for a Darren Star Project, Tuc Watkins Stars In One

Tuc Watkins hasn’t just seen how gay relationships have evolved on television — he’s been a part of that evolution. On “Desperate [...]

Kevin Bacon on 'Pride' He Felt Working with 'They/Them' Cast and Challenging LGBTQ+ Horror Tropes

Kevin Bacon is back at camp. Not Camp Crystal Lake, where the 64-year-old actor met his gruesome demise in the original 1980 horror classic “Friday the [...]

Gender Roles at the Movies: Which of These Classic Horror Films Got It Right?

Part issue movie and part throwback slasher, Blumhouse’s new horror film “They/Them,” out Aug. 5 on Peacock, aims to flip the script for how [...]

How This Detroit Native Is Reshaping Broadway With Black, Gay, Fat Representation

While “A Strange Loop” — celebrated as a “Big, Black, Queer-Ass American Broadway Show” — has some similarities to its [...]

Jaida Essence Hall Would Like to Properly Experience Detroit for the First Time During Werq the World Tour

When Jaida Essence Hall gets to Michigan for the Werq the World tour, her visit will mark the first time she’s been anywhere in the state outside Detroit [...]

This Gay-Owned Dispensary Is Raising Money For Sheltered Animals and LGBTQ+ Refugees Escaping State-Sponsored Violence 

Michigan’s first LGBTQ-owned and operated marijuana dispensary, Green Koi, is committed to the community. Based in Douglas/Saugatuck and right next door [...]

How a Kid From the Bible Belt Grew Up to Become a Social Justice Champion in Detroit

LGBT Detroit Social Justice Engineer Jerron Totten has been “getting out the vote” in various capacities for decades.Totten, 33, a native of [...]

12 Age-Appropriate Books to Read With Your Queer or Questioning Child 

What better way is there to answer questions your kids have about gender and sexuality than to find some books to read together or recommend to them? Be it [...]

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