Hear Me Out: Jason Mraz, Weird Al Yankovic

Jason Mraz, 'Yes!' Here to make you feel better about your life is Jason Mraz, the Oprah of white-boy balladry. He's got your "remedy," and it's called [...]

Singer/Actress Demi Lovato Releases Marriage Equality Video

BTL Staff MotherJones reports that singer and actress Demi Lovato has released a video with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) supporting marriage equality. [...]

Hear Me Out: Best of 2014 ... So Far

Sia, '1000 Forms of Fear' Sia's come a long way since "Breathe Me," a song so emotionally vulnerable, it's overwhelming. No wonder premier pop starlets have [...]

Hear Me Out: Lana Del Rey, Sam Smith

Lana Del Rey, 'Ultraviolence' The feigned public image adapted by Lizzy Grant (better known as Lana Del Rey) extends to the singer's latest album, [...]

Hear Me Out: Miranda Lambert, Coldplay

Miranda Lambert, 'Platinum' While Miranda Lambert's restless peers stray from the purity of the country genre to achieve mainstream acclaim, the "Nashville [...]

Me. I Am Mariah...': Carey's Best Album Since 1997

With the glorious powerhouse "Vanishing," off her star-making 1990 debut, Mariah Carey couldn't have known she'd be foreshadowing another release some 25 [...]

Hear Me Out: Lykke Li, Lily Allen

Lykke Li, 'I Never Learn' Because it's Lykke Li, heartache is the obvious impetus for "I Never Learn," a ceaseless outpouring of dire, pillow-soaked woe [...]

Hear Me Out: Tori Amos, Neon Trees

Tori Amos, 'Unrepentant Geraldines' It took Christmas carols, 400-year-old classical music themes and a lovestruck "light princess" for Tori Amos to [...]

Cher Is God On 'Dressed To Kill Tour'

Photo: Andrew Potter It wasn't even Easter, but on April 12 at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, a deity was resurrected. Towering above her disciples on a [...]

Hear Me Out: Cyndi Lauper, Elton John

Cyndi Lauper, 'She's So Unusual' Essayist Jancee Dunn (co-author of "Cyndi Lauper: A Memoir") sums up the influence, reach and enduring relevance of Cyndi [...]

Hear Me Out: George Michael, Nickel Creek

George Michael, 'Symphonica' Those personal woes, the drugs, the health problems – the toll all that's taken on George Michael's voice must be immense, [...]

Hear Me Out: Kylie Minogue, Kid Cudi

Kylie Minogue, 'Kiss Me Once' You gotta feel bad for every non-gay American not currently enraptured by Kylie Minogue. Sure, they know the Aussie diva for [...]

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