Hear Me Out: Mary Lambert, You+Me

Mary Lambert, 'Heart on My Sleeve' One chorus did wonders for Mary Lambert, the guest vocalist professing romantic interest in a girl on Macklemore's "Same [...]

Hear Me Out: Melissa Etheridge, Lee Ann Womack

Melissa Etheridge, 'This Is M.E.' Since going indie, Melissa Etheridge must be feeling as free as when she first came out gay two decades ago. Throughout the [...]

Hear Me Out: Jennifer Hudson, Tim McGraw

Jennifer Hudson, 'JHUD' Jennifer Hudson has never needed the post-studio polish her contemporaries depend on. Hudson proved she had the pipes on "American [...]

Hear Me Out: Ariana Grande, Ryan Adams

Ariana Grande, 'My Everything' Ariana Grande doesn't wanna be your "next Mariah Carey." Shattering the classic-Carey image she somehow became known for [...]

Barbra Streisand's Duet With Gay Son Is Highlight Of New Album

Barbra Streisand, 'Partners' Joined by a plethora of esteemed men on "Partners," Barbra Streisand duets with one in particular who stands out above the rest: [...]

Why Tori Amos' 'Sophie's Choice' Tour Is Pure Magic

Tori Amos has so many babies – you know, those precious things, her songs, that she's seen change and grow throughout the years. Taking the stage on Wednesday [...]

REVIEW: Amy Grant Gays Up Sound On First Remix Album (Thank God!)

Amy Grant, 'In Motion: The Remixes' When you're grinding up against a shirtless prospect in the thick of a gay dance orgy, nothing sets the sexy-time mood [...]

Hear Me Out: Jason Mraz, Weird Al Yankovic

Jason Mraz, 'Yes!' Here to make you feel better about your life is Jason Mraz, the Oprah of white-boy balladry. He's got your "remedy," and it's called [...]

Singer/Actress Demi Lovato Releases Marriage Equality Video

BTL Staff MotherJones reports that singer and actress Demi Lovato has released a video with the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) supporting marriage equality. [...]

Hear Me Out: Best of 2014 ... So Far

Sia, '1000 Forms of Fear' Sia's come a long way since "Breathe Me," a song so emotionally vulnerable, it's overwhelming. No wonder premier pop starlets have [...]

Hear Me Out: Lana Del Rey, Sam Smith

Lana Del Rey, 'Ultraviolence' The feigned public image adapted by Lizzy Grant (better known as Lana Del Rey) extends to the singer's latest album, [...]

Hear Me Out: Miranda Lambert, Coldplay

Miranda Lambert, 'Platinum' While Miranda Lambert's restless peers stray from the purity of the country genre to achieve mainstream acclaim, the "Nashville [...]

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