The OutField: Genderqueer in baseball's front office

Growing up in central California an hour and a half west of Yosemite, Jen Ramos was not exactly a sports fan. But one day 10 years ago, Ramos "randomly" [...]

The OutField: LGBT sports movement faces growing pains

By Dan Woog Once upon a time, there was no such thing as LGBT sports. No one imagined gay men could be athletes. Besides, weren't all female athletes [...]

The OutField: Stephen Alexander: Little Rhody's Big Trans Man

By Dan Woog Stephen Alexander was a typical boy. He loved Transformers and Gobots (but did not find out until later that they were a product of Hasbro in [...]

The OutField: A Show of Gratitude

By Dan Woog It's the time of year when we show gratitude -√Ç and LGBT folks (and their allies) have a lot to be thankful for. Not as much as if the [...]

The OutField: Out Off the Field

By Dan Woog In nearly 10 years of covering sports, "The OutField" has reported on dozens of LGBT athletes and coaches. We've interviewed gay fan groups and [...]

The OutField: Changing the Game

By Dan Woog Shane Wickes. Photo: Chris Holloman As a high school student, Shane Wickes' life was good. The Reno, Nevada native was an all-state football player [...]

The OutField: Jeremy Brener's Inspirational High School Journey

By Dan Woog Growing up in Houston as the son of a multi-sport athlete, it felt natural for Jeremy Brener to play sports. He enjoyed them all, especially [...]

The OutField: Sports Leaders Stand Up to Mississippi

By Dan Woog Reaction was swift. Major corporations including Charlottebased Bank of America blasted the North Carolina legislation and threatened action. Bruce [...]

The OutField: Sports Equality Foundation Empowers Out Athletes

By Dan Woog In a career spent chronicling the lives of LGBT athletes, Cyd Zeigler has discovered one consistent thread: Coming out empowers others to do the [...]

The OutField: Pride Tape Covers Canada

By Dan Woog Kris Wells cut/ Pictured: Kris Wells. According to Kris Wells, Canada is known for two things: "hockey and human rights." If that's true, he has [...]

The OutField: GO! Athletes Gets a Mentorship

By Dan Woog Chris Mosie Growing up in suburban Chicago, Chris Mosier had no FTM athletic role models. There were none at Northern Michigan University either, [...]

The OutField: Rugby Tackles Homophobia

By Dan Woog If you're looking for a stereotypical macho sport, you don't have to search further than rugby. A full-contact sport – without much protection – [...]

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