The OutField: Fearless Jeff Sheng

By Dan Woog There are many ways for athletes to be fearless. They can stand at the plate with the bases, in the bottom of the ninth. They can attempt a [...]

The OutField: Hoosier Hullabaloo

By Dan Woog Jim Buzinski at his alma mater, Penn State. The words ÒNCAAÓ and Òmoral high groundÓ seldom share the same sentence. Yet that lofty peak is [...]

The OutField: The Fight For Rights For Female Coaches

By Dan Woog The story is current, but you can be forgiven for thinking it's from 10 years ago. Or 50. Shannon Miller was one of the most successful coaches in [...]

The OutField: Gay Games Come To Cleveland - And Akron Too

By Dan Woog Gay Games 9 took Cleveland by storm this month. Oh, and Akron too. Hold your snickers. Cleveland (and Akron) may not be San Francisco, Vancouver, [...]

The OutField: Gay Games 9 builds on the past

By Dan Woog The past year marked a watershed for LGBT sports. Athletes at every level – professional, college, high school and amateur – at first ventured, [...]

The OutField: The Ultimate Game

By Dan Woog Photo courtesy of So how gay is frisbee? Pretty gay. It's a sport – which is actually called "Ultimate" and played with a [...]

A Tale Of Two Coming-Out Stories

By Dan Woog The OutField When Jason Collins came out last month, Helen Carroll was furious. The longtime sports project director at the National Center for [...]

Go! Athletes Fields An All-Star Team

By Dan Woog The OutField A team finds success only through teamwork. That's as true off the playing field as on it. Jay Hayes has earned plenty of success on [...]

Coming Out Could Boost Jason Collins' Endorsements

By Chris Isidore (CNN) – For years, the assumption in locker rooms and along Madison Avenue has been that an openly gay athlete could kiss his endorsement [...]

NBA's Jason Collins Comes Out As Gay

By Joe Sterling CNN – It's the biggest move of his career and it's off the court. Jason Collins, who played with the NBA's Boston Celtics and Washington [...]

US Soccer, And All That Trans Jazz

By Dan Woog The OutField Born a male, Jazz began to live as a girl at a young age. Thanks to supportive parents, she was well-adjusted and happy – except for [...]

Philippe Kahn: A role model for all

By Dan Woog The OutField As a volunteer assistant wrestling coach, Philippe Kahn had an easy relationship with the athletes at South High School in Torrance, [...]