May 12: Strutting Mutts Help Animal Shelter

Six-legged teams of walkers, runners and their dog companions will fill Dearborn's Ford Field on May 12 for the 13th annual Friends for Animals of Metro [...]

Five Ways to Cope with the Death of a Pet

The loss of a pet can bring as much grief as the loss of some human friends and family members. This makes sense when you consider the role our animal [...]

Pets and the LGBTQ Owners Who Love Them

Paula Weber and Doug In what city do you and Doug live? Doug and I live and work in NE Ann Arbor, Village of Dixboro, in a 140-year-old farmhouse. Doug is the [...]

Dog Training from the Inside Out

BY CJ BENTLEY Lead Trainer at Canine College in Farmington Hills, Debbi Boynton, with Monkey, a 4 1/2-month-old mix breed dog who is currently participating in [...]

Five Signs Your Cat Isn't Happy and Healthy

September is Happy Healthy Cat Month which begs the question, "Is your cat really happy and healthy?" Ask.Vet, a "virtual urgent care" service, has compiled [...]

Keeping Your Dog's Headspace Healthy

BY AMY GARABEDIAN September is Responsible Dog Ownership month. If you were to sign the AKC's responsible dog owner pet promise, one of the tenets you'd agree [...]

World-Record-Setting Cats Support Ferndale Rescue Efforts

Farmington Hills couple Will and Lauren Powers recently announced some "awesome news" they had to wait over a year to share with the community. Their family [...]

Prideful Pet Products

BY BTL STAFF For pet-owners looking for LGBTQ-related pet products, Queerdeer Media has compiled a list of some of their favorite pet swag in the hopes of [...]

Before You Take That Next Bite: Can We Love Our Pets But Ignore Other Animal Rights?

BY MICHELLE E. BROWN We love our pets – the dogs, cats and other critter babies that bring so much joy to our homes. We watch them on videos, take them to [...]

Animal Shelters Seek Help in Hurricane Aftermath

BTL STAFF Michigan rescue groups have made room for hundreds of cats and dogs displaced by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Many of the animals were up for [...]

Connecting Neighbors Through Our Dogs

BY JANICE MILHEM Janice Milhem of Milhem Images, Inc. enjoys her walks and travels with her Schnauzer-mix rescue, Mike. Photo courtesy of Janice Milhem I'm a [...]

Horses' Haven Provides Humane Care for Majestic Creatures

Horses' Haven is a volunteer-run agency in Howell that depends solely on the generosity of its volunteers and supporters who share a love and compassion for [...]

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