Why One Adoptive Mom Volunteers at POET Animal Rescue

When she's not busy championing causes instrumental in securing things like U.S. marriage equality or busy taking care of her adoptive children with her [...]

Weighing the Cost of Pet Insurance

  By Dawn Klingensmith Thanks to advances in veterinary medicine, pets can undergo the same types of lifesaving procedures as people, including pacemaker [...]

Paws on Board: Pet owners are taking more care to plan for pets' safety when they take them along for a ride.

  By Teresa Odle It's great to take Fido or Fluffy along on your next driving vacation as long as you carefully plan the trip with an eye toward keeping [...]

Animal Abuse Comes with Harsher Punishment in Michigan

The "Howie Bill," signed by former Gov. Rick Snyder late last year, will increase the maximum penalty for killing or torturing an animal from four years to 10 [...]

Think Outside the Box for a Chance to Win $1,000

The Michigan Pet Fund Alliance and the Humane Society of Macomb Foundation are soliciting applications for Outside the Box award-winning programs, projects, or [...]

Life in the Doghouse'

Ron Danta says that to "truly do rescue really well, you cannot at all be selfish." And, to show how selfless they are, he and his partner Danny Robertshaw [...]

Michigan Senate Votes Down Breed-Specific Bans Often Aimed at Pit Bulls

BY ALICE YIN, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS No bans on pit bulls allowed, Michigan's Senate said on April 12. The chamber voted 22-13 to prohibit local governments from [...]

Michigan Bill Would Criminalize Leaving Pets in Car in Dangerous Conditions

As the end of September nears, winter draws closer and with it comes cold weather. That's why animal welfare organizations are reminding pet lovers early that [...]

Let The Games Begin!

BY AMY GARABEDIAN Here's something you probably haven't thought about when it comes to training your dog. Training is just a game you play. In the beginning, [...]

Pros and Cons of Canine Influenza Vaccination

Over the past few months, news outlets, veterinarians and vaccine manufacturers have all been warning the public about the canine influenza epidemic that has [...]

Couples Say 'I Do' With Their Fur Babies

Anybody who knows and loves Amy and Anna Crandall of Kalamazoo knows how attached they are to their dogs, Dalton and Tucker. It was no surprise to family and [...]

Bloomfield Hills Woman Offered $500K for Pet Speaker on 'Shark Tank'

On the Jan. 14 episode of ABC's "Shark Tank," Michelle Winowich of Bloomfield Hills came away with almost half a million dollars. Winowich, the founder of [...]

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