Essential Cris Williamson' spans 20 albums

Did "The Changer" change your life? Are you ready to revisit the Cris Williamson songbook and discover what other gems are waiting to speak to you? A great place to start is the recently released "The Essential Cris Williamson," which features 33 songs on two CDs spanning over 30 years and over 20 albums.
"There are a lot songs that I personally love and I think are valuable for people to reacquaint themselves with because they may not have chosen them themselves as their favorites," said Williamson, who handpicked each of the tracks herself. "It just was so much fun to put together what I thought would be a really good selection. But honestly, I could pick almost anything. I'm that confidant about my material because we were driven by lack of money, so you couldn't afford to that have lackadaisical attitude. 'Oh, it's fine. We'll fix it in the mix.' No, actually, it was do it right the first time, and because I'm a live performer, I think that way anyway. I always think you should do it right with all feeling every time.
"You must be present to win," Williamson laughed. "I think that's true."
Longtime fans will be thrilled to know that in celebration the 30th anniversary of "The Changer and the Changed," Williamson's Wolf Moon label has re-released virtually her entire catalogue. Even her 1971 self-titled album for Ampex Records is back in print.
In addition, for those who have worn out their copies of "The Changer," a special 30th anniversary version of the album has been released. The limited edition features extensive liner notes, historical photographs and a short video that includes great historical footage and stills.