Dani Lamorte

Meet Your Gaming Neighbor: Angela Washko Joins University of Michigan Arts Scene

Somewhere, a track coach is barking something — maybe motivational, definitely deafening — into the ear of a college freshman. If she listens carefully, she might do something amazing. She might make video art."I went to undergrad on a [...]

From Samantha's HIV Test to Stonewall's First Brick: How LGBTQ+ Individuals Engage with Conspiracy Theories

I’m rewatching “Sex and the City,” and there's so much that's hard to believe: Carrie affording her apartment on a columnist's pay; Samantha avoiding an HIV test until the third season; anyone having feelings for Big (other than [...]

On Choosing to Not Choose a 'Chosen Family'

Choosy moms select something. I forget what, if I ever knew, but they choose and that's the American way. We choose our political representatives, or at least we fill out a nifty form with such implications. We choose from nearly identical consumer [...]

Stomping Spots: Queer Feelings for a Bad Bug Heading to Michigan

I’m not even supposed to be here, according to a wide swath of American voters. I should be violently changed or destroyed, according to them.

Horton Hears a They/Them: The Linguistics of Nonbinary Speech

An old book says that "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus." I've never read the book, but it must be true. After all, men and women are total and polar opposites. Men wear pants so they don't tangle their ankles and fall down. Women wear [...]

When They Go Low, We Go Sideways: Finding Queer Light in Dark Times

Pride Month means endless ear-bashing about history, community and being a "key voter" — so join me in front of the TV and we'll zone out for a bit to recover.Flick on the TV and you’ll see a battered housewife from Battle Creek, [...]

Plant Daddies Everywhere: A Look Inside the Men Who Father Their Foliage

I can't help but notice that Grindr is full of hungry creatures, reaching out to take whatever you can give. They're insatiable.I'm talking about plants, to be clear. My Grindr grid is covered in plants: Monstera in the back of a butt pic; [...]