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Q Puzzle: “Love Makes the World Go ‘Round”

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February 12, 2007

1 Showing excitement
5 Dated
9 “There, there”
14 It may get a licking
15 “___ that dare not speak its name”
16 Stood out
17 Hathaway of “Brokeback Mountain”
18 “Anything ___ ”
19 “American Idol” champ Studdard
20 Country that passed gay marriage legislation in 2006
23 Pinch opening?
24 Witherspoon of “Walk the Line”
25 Big Lovely singer Toshi
27 Miranda in “The Devil Wears Prada”
30 Pop singer Teresa
32 Breeder need
33 Was a pain in the ass to, with “on”
36 Sailor’s patron
40 Where Elton John has a civil partnership
42 Second nation in Europe to grant gay marriage rights
44 Since, to James M. Barrie
45 Lucrezia Borgia’s manipulative brother
47 Sara Gilbert, for one
48 E with a queer orientation
50 Playwright Jean
52 Fruity cocktail
55 “Bottoms up!”
58 Don’t rent
59 First European country to grant gay marriage rights
64 Singer Nyro
66 Like an erect nipple
67 Put the top on the cake
68 Screwed up
69 Second baseman Sandberg
70 Feisty female in “The Lion King”
71 “Bye”
72 Where to find a Russian river, once
73 Lutheran gay minister Christensen

1 “___ I say …”
2 River near Michelangelo’s “David”
3 Hamburger Mary’s list
4 What Adrienne Rich puts out
5 Uninvited pool guests?
6 Pulls a boner
7 Rupert of “Stage Beauty”
8 Ball lover
9 Nation that recognizes same-sex marriages performed abroad
10 Day before saying “TGIF”
11 Edna Ferber work about an erection?
12 Bridge bid, briefly
13 “Let the Dead Bury the Dead” author Randall
21 Haegar’s comics wife
22 More like lesbian porn for straights?
26 What you shake when you come quickly
27 Crowds at a Madonna concert
28 “Climb ___ Mountain”
29 “Don’t ___ On My Parade”
31 “Queen of Country” McEntire
34 Ron’s “Happy Days” role
35 From the top
37 Property right
38 Farm animal that isn’t a breeder
39 Cut
41 HIV exam, e.g.
43 Lambda ___ Defense and Education Fund
46 Struts like America’s Next Top Model
49 Country that obtained gay marriage rights in 2005
51 Noble in government, once
52 Double agents
53 Gay-friendly, perhaps
54 Harden
56 Joanna of “Growing Pains”
57 Purchase from
60 See-___ (like sexy clothes, for short)
61 Home st. of Maupin
62 Where the salami is hidden
63 Neighbor of Mont.
65 Wilder’s “The Bridge of San Luis ___ “

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