After Thwarted Kidnapping Plans, Whitmer Calls for Unity

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer addressed the State of Michigan after a plan to kidnap her and other Michigan government officials was thwarted by state and federal law enforcement agencies. She started by saying thank you to law enforcement and FBI agents who participated in stopping this [...]


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She/He Said Feb 22

By |2018-01-15T21:51:40-05:00February 22nd, 2007|News|

“For some reason, the military seems more afraid of gay people than they are against terrorists. They’re very brave with the terrorists, and if the terrorists ever got a hold of this information, they get a platoon of lesbians to chase us out of Baghdad.”
– Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY), as quoted by Canadian Press, Feb. 8

“First of all, I wouldn’t want him on my team. And second of all, if he was on my team, I would, you know, really distance myself from him because, uh, I don’t think that’s right. And you know I don’t think he should be in the locker room while we’re in the locker room. I wouldn’t even be a part of that.”
– Former NBA player Tim Hardaway to Miami Herald columnist Dan Le Batard on Miami sports radio station WAXY-AM.

“We removed him from representing us because we didn’t think his comments were consistent with having anything to do with us.”
– NBA Commissioner David Stern told reporters Thursday, responding the the homophobic comments of basketball player TIm Hardaway after he said “I hate gay people,” during a radio interview last week prior to the NBA All Star Game.

“But it is honest. And it illustrates the problem better than any of the fuzzy language other people have used so far.”
– Former NBA player, John Amaechi responding to Tim Hardaway’s remarks, calling him bigoted.

“It is the radical concept that people can be healthy, happy and sexually attractive at every size, large or small,” she said. “That’s not to say that everyone is healthy. There are people who have health issues. But that’s thin or fat. It’s not inherently unhealthy and – more importantly – no one deserves to be discriminated against and fat liberation is about ending discrimination.”
Heather MacAllister who died this week
BTL interview, Feb. 10, 2005
“Fat and Proud” by Jason Michael

Heather’s last wishes:
“Please remember to love each other, and to love ourselves. Take care
of our minds and bodies, without fail and against all odds. And know,
beyond doubt, that we are all beautiful, amazing beings. Never forget.
This is what I lived for. Take care of yourselves, you beautiful beings.”

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