Curtain Calls ONLINE: BoarsHead's Second Company announces next dark night series

Professional Theater News:

LANSING – The BoarsHead Theater's Second Company Dark Night Series continues March 19 and 20 with Stephen Levi's "Cherry Soda Water."
One night in a northern California coastal town, two families are challenged by conflict and love. Reality blurs into the world of fantasy in three related one-act plays – "Cherry and Little Banjo," "Red Roses for My Lady" and "The Gulf of Crimson" – in which the journey from lost innocence and shattered dreams unfolds on a path to renewed love. There are six characters in the play, including two children (played by adults), a husband and wife, and a sailor and his long time lover.
"This show is a poignant look at how our actions affect the ones around us and how far each of us will go for the ones we love" said Justin K. McClure, Second Company member and director of the Dark Night play. "I first had the opportunity to work on this production during my undergraduate studies. I grew up in a poor but loving family and found I really identified with the sacrifices my family made for each other. I believe I understand the characters in 'Cherry Soda Water', and since I worked on it in college, I have always wanted to direct the show."
The cast of "Cherry Soda Water" includes Second Company members Rob Grabowski and Liz Goodson, with local talent Mark Gmazel, Brian DeVries, Abby Murphy and Alex Sedrowski.
Performances of "Cherry Soda Water" will be held Monday, March 19 and Tuesday, March 20 at 7 p.m. The BoarsHead Theater Dark Night Series is free of charge, but as always, donations are accepted.

BoarsHead Theater is located at The Center for the Arts, 425 S. Grand Avenue, in downtown Lansing. Free parking is available.
For more information, please call 517-484-7805, Tuesdays-Saturdays from noon to 6p.m.