Q Puzzle: Another Mixed-up Couple

May 7, 2007


1 Buck heroine
5 Endora portrayer
10 Neighbor of Mont.
14 Ventimiglia of "Heroes"
15 Gay horror writer John Peyton
16 "Frasier" actress Gilpin
17 Eater of forbidden fruit, and others
18 Glove material
19 Police incursion at Stonewall
20 An American in Paris, once
23 Elroy Jetson stroked him
24 Adolf's intimate Rohm
26 Lover of 20-Across
32 Laura Nyro's "I Met ___ on a Sunday"
35 International Male's business, e.g.
36 "Ghostbusters" goo
37 Sapphic poems
39 Trick alternative
41 Where to see sweaty athletes
42 Worlds of Ulrichs
44 Step in the salon
46 Skin decoration
47 Vagina, and anagram of 26-Across
50 "SNL" producer Michaels
51 Queer, to straights
55 Quick do-overs by and anagram of 20-Across
60 "Trick"'s Spelling
62 Composer Ned
63 "___ first you don't succeed, keep on sucking till you do suck seed"
64 "Dallas" actor Keenan
65 Circuit party, e.g.
66 Bone below the elbow
67 Jackie's designer
68 Goes out with
69 AZT doses, for example


1 Greek edition of Oprah's magazine?
2 "Days of Our ___ "
3 Ready for anything
4 "Our" to Pasolini
5 Sometime defender of gay rights
6 Stick it in the slow ones
7 Grace ___
8 Barely gets, with "out"
9 Three couples in bed?
10 Light shower
11 Roster of Cain's favorites?
12 Well-endowed Onassis
13 Dan Savage memoir, with "The"
21 Albert, to Nathan
22 Greek love
25 Gay Day at Busch Gardens locale
27 Addams family member
28 Poet Lucien, and others
29 "And on this farm he had a chicken, ___"
30 Edmund to Colette?
31 Tickled pink
32 Ginsberg poem
33 Rupert Everett's "An ___ Husband"
34 City in Barry Humphries' homeland
38 Like an exciting Stephen Pyles recipe?
40 Fab Five syllable for many a straight guy
43 Performed like Rufus Wainwright
45 Shrek's shoe size, perhaps
48 Looked at a hottie
49 The monotony of monogamy, e.g.?
52 Big shooter
53 "Try ___ see"
54 These, to Lorca
56 Temporary superstar
57 Singer Fure
58 Director Norman of "Prelude to a Kiss"
59 They're trained to use paddles
60 Eagle, on a par four
61 Duvall played her in "Popeye"


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