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“Disney Character Leaves Closet”

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Q Puzzle

1 “Hairspray” list
5 “Ab Fab” network
8 Whitman’s dooryard bloomers
14 Bars for gay chefs?
15 Org. that will get you a map to Provincetown
16 Lacking family values
17 Porn actor Sulik
18 Tattoo’s place, perhaps
19 With 20-Across, Disney animated classic
20 See 19-Across
23 One who goes after your honey
24 Commemorations at Beth Chayim Chadashim
25 Roseanne, once and again
26 Warwick’s “___ Little Prayer for You”
29 Like a nice pair of melons
32 Tchaikovsky’s fifth
33 You, to Rimbaud
35 Pirate’s bird
39 Character from 19/20-Across
41 Source of 55/60-Across
42 Like a drag queen’s bosom
43 Attack through the media
44 Often fruity dessert
45 Gomer’s cousin
47 Ballet follower
49 Mambo king Puente
52 Misbehaves like Larry Kramer?
54 Very hairy swinger
55 With 60-Across, line urging 39-Across to leave the closet?
60 See 55-Across
62 West of Hollywood
63 Janis Joplin’s “Down ___”
64 “Do not enter” partner
65 Preposition for Byron
66 “Take a crack ___”
67 Materials for Dolce & Gabbana
68 Site of Gay Games VI (abbr.)
69 Tevye, to Harvey


1 Ending for Copland
2 Cumming on “The L Word”
3 Tickle pink
4 Object of a foot fetish
5 Sounded off at a frat hazing
6 Some pork
7 Mapplethorpe’s tools
8 Places to discover the “gay gene”
9 Laura Nyro’s “___ Him on a Sunday”
10 Long, in Hawaii
11 Caribbean vacation spot
12 What James Beard and William Rhode would do together
13 More like the Family Stone
21 Stop, to your first mate
22 It comes after kick or kiss
25 Streisand, for short
26 Lesbos, e.g.
27 Mouth-puckering
28 Cathedral of Hope collection
30 On ___ with
31 Prelude to lovemaking, perhaps
34 Soup pasta
36 Muscle Mary stat
37 Cole Porter’s Miss
38 “Of ___ I Sing”
40 “Otello” villain
41 “Six Feet Under” business
43 “Death ___ Her” (Goldie Hawn flick)
46 Club for swingers
48 Scene at Stonewall
49 Meat-filled treats
50 Toothpaste sung about during a “Grease” sleepover
51 Missionary position?
53 It goes under a jockey’s shorts
55 Pearl Buck character
56 Maneuvers in which you come in the opposite direction
57 Sondheim’s ” ___ the Woods”
58 Disney’s ” ___ and the Detectives”
59 Human Rights Campaign fundraiser, e.g.
61 Motorist’s offense, briefly

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