Guadalajara wants to relocate gay bars

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by Rex Wockner

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The Mexican city of Guadalajara is threatening to move gay clubs out of the city center in advance of the 2011 Pan American Games that will take place in the city, according to Carlos Oceguera, who owns two such clubs.
A February story in the daily newspaper La Jornada Jalisco made the same claim, with the headline “Guadalajara mayor’s office attack against gay clubs; it doesn’t want them in the Historic Downtown.”
Oceguera said city officials believe the presence of businesses catering to gays gives the city a “bad and promiscuous image” for tourists.
“They claim that our lifestyle is offensive to the clean conscience of the citizens of Guadalajara and that we have to sacrifice our personal economic interests to the good citizens of Guadalajara,” Oceguera said. “In order for us to have a presentable face to visitors, homosexuals have to go out of the center.”
Oceguera said that while local media have reported on gay business owners’ “discontent” with the apparent plan, “we now need some international help since the local authorities are not paying attention to our protests.”
Among the clubs possibly threatened are Caudillos, Circus, La Prisciliana, Club Ye Ye, Azul, Azul Vip, El Aposento, Mundo Cool, Maskaras and Red Light, La Jornada Jalisco said.

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