“A Taxing Situation”

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Q Puzzle

1 The bottom line
5 Exited the closet, with “out”
9 Colette’s coffee servings
14 Beginning of 35-Down
15 Type of stimulation
16 In-your-face
17 Make a hole bigger
18 “Oz” setting
19 Put a condiment on it
20 Tai and Randy’s area
23 St. of Sheriff Lupe Valdez
24 “Kissing Jessica Stein,” and others
25 Haughty response
27 Stuff a crack
30 Screwing up
33 BenGay target
36 Where a trolley goes “Clang, clang, clang”
38 Porn director Chi Chi
39 “Peel ___ grape”
40 Rita Mae Brown’s “Rita Will,” for example
42 ’60s radical org.
43 Top-notch
45 Bruin nickname
46 “Leave that alone!” to _Dallas Voice_ editors
47 Layers that got laid a long time ago
49 Former representative Jim of Arizona
51 Bonehead
53 “Ed Wood” Best Supporting Actor Martin
57 “Climb Ev’ry Mountain” mountain
59 Seats at P’town
62 Callas of opera
64 Start of a Tony Orlando title
65 Cry of pride
66 With “fours,” doggy-style
67 And others, for Caesar
68 Force that causes you to go down
69 Theocritus work
70 Bear market order
71 Director Norman of “Prelude to a Kiss”


1 Stereotypically limp joints
2 Rehoboth Beach setting
3 Vanilla, in the sack
4 “Evita” lyricist
5 As confidant as a Viagra user?
6 Part of San Francisco’s BART
7 Treat for Sandy or Rizzo at the Frosty Palace
8 Fashion designer Perry
9 Even they get the blues
10 Liberty, in “QAF”
11 How David Fisher’s clients are carried
12 River of Wilde’s land
13 Where to catch a ferry underground
21 Cruising locale
22 U-turn from SSW
26 Title for a man who avoids sex with women
28 Liberace fabric
29 Stand on a corner
31 Mapplethorpe model, often
32 Tale of adventure
33 REM gear
34 Pre-kiss insert
35 Musical featuring Edna Turnblad
37 Suction head
40 Tiny testicle?
41 Type of vote, for Barney Frank
44 Britten’s raincoat
46 New York State’s Tom Duane
48 Soul of Foucault
50 Part of Scrooge’s ejaculation
52 One of the “Maneater” singers
54 Frasier’s lover in Boston
55 “As You Like It” forest
56 The way we word
57 Mine, to Rimbaud
58 Go down (on)
60 Quote authoritatively
61 Emulate Dr. George O’Malley
63 Not in the pink

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