"Embracing Billie Jean"

Q Puzzle

1 Key West storm prelude
5 Go lickety-split
10 "La ___ aux Folles"
14 Diva's piece
15 Score for Billy Bean
16 Cumming on "The L Word"
17 Actor Adams
18 Train that comes quickly
19 Diana of "The Avengers"
20 Proposing marriage in Massachusetts?
23 Parts of hard heads
24 "A Couple of Guys" panels
28 When queening usually occurs
31 Lip-smacking
32 Cut it
35 Did Rex Reed's job
36 Engaging a Harper Lee character?
41 Discharge from the military
42 Delivered a mouthful, perhaps
43 Filmmaker Kenneth's family
45 Bygone queen
51 Setting of Sal Mineo's "Exodus"
54 Carries on
55 Tab Hunter's bloopers?
58 Steady guy
61 Big name in the Bears' hometown
62 What Sam twitched on "Bewitched"
63 Arab head
64 Dangerous emission for Tin Man
65 Love of Lesbos
66 Starting scale notes, for Maria
67 Came before
68 Longs, to a Samurai?


1 Bite at a GLAAD gala
2 Come to mind
3 Pleasured orally
4 With 47-Down, having sex with a blues icon?
5 Do Austin Powers
6 A little, to Leonard Bernstein
7 What "Southern Voice" editors do to text
8 Lurer of phallic fish
9 Works of Tennessee Williams
10 Rio festival
11 He knocked out many men
12 Type of reflex test for WWII soldiers
13 W. H. Auden's tongue
21 Top-secret org.
22 Lammy, for one
25 Grace ___
26 Joel of "Cabaret"
27 Site of Gay Games VI (abbr.)
29 1,101 to Caesar
30 Many, many moons
33 Org. of athletes that Sheehan doesn't swing with
34 Author Marcus
36 Ruination
37 Poet Broumas
38 "Kiss Me Kate" opening
39 Land of Margaret Cho's ancestors
40 Woodworker's tool
41 ___ Francisco
44 You wear it with a thong down low
46 Leather sticker
47 See 4-Down
48 Pay no attention to
49 Liam of "Kinsey"
50 Evaluate asses?
52 Emulate Toller Cranston
53 Like some baths
56 Straight, in a bar
57 Sandwich for Socrates?
58 ___ death (loss of interest)
59 Oddball comedian Philips
60 Earhart's medium


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