Armed and androgynous

by Jessica Carreras

Life's not easy for a four-legged model. Just ask Twiggy, Affirmations Special Events Manager Carrie Copeland's greyhound diva. Between weekly manicures, waking up at noon and rigorous walks to maintain her figure, Twiggy leads a busy life. But to her, it's all part of being famous – and this Sunday at the Motor City Pride Doggie Drag Show, she has high hopes to steal the stage.
Twiggy took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to talk to BTL from her Ferndale home, where she lives with Copeland and her partner Knoll Larkin, as well as two other dogs and three cats. There, she dished about fashion, modeling and what it's like to be metro Detroit's hottest asexual pooch.

Who/what are you wearing for the show?
A couture tigress dress from East Side Collection with brown sequin accents and a black marabou collar.

Who is your dog fashion icon?
Isn't it obvious, dahling? My namesake, fashion icon and living legend, Twiggy.

What's the most embarrassing thing your owner has ever dressed you in?
It's a toss-up between a far-too-butch, striped cable-knit sweater and a horrific reindeer costume.

What music do you strut down the runway to?
No matter what music is playing, I know how to stomp the runway!

Given that Twiggy is your namesake, is her "boyish" look something you aspire to?
Like my parents, androgyny and genderqueerness are traits that I value.

Heels or flats?
Au naturale! Shoes hide my gorgeous pedicure, dahling.

How do you maintain your figure?
I find that indulging in delectable treats and lounging in the sun really helps me maintain my curves.

Do you think dog models these days are trying to be too skinny?
Definitely, and I used to be one of them! Now I find it extraordinarily important to honor all shapes and sizes as beautiful, and I am embracing my curves!

How does it feel to be a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman?
I feel quite proud about my gender expression and identity and am lucky to be surrounded by those who celebrate gender fluidity.

What's your advice for an amateur drag dog?
Attitude is everything, dahling!

Stage Name: Twiggy
Real Name: Twiggy Copeland-Larkin
Gender: Femme bitch domme
Type of dog: Italian Greyhound
Sexual orientation: It's complicated, dahling!
Age: Six years old


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