Ugandan activists arrested at AIDS conference

by Rex Wockner


Three AIDS activists were arrested in Kampala, Uganda, June 3 for disrupting the 2008 HIV/AIDS Implementers' Meeting.
Onziema Patience, Valentine Kalende and Usaam Mukwaaya were seized by the Uganda Police Force for entering the conference without permission. They were carrying posters and handed out a press release.
The trio was charged with criminal trespass and released three days later. A hearing on the charges was scheduled for June 20.
The activists were protesting a statement by Uganda AIDS Commission Director General David Kihumuro Apuuli. On June 2, Apuuli reportedly said, "Gays are one of the drivers of HIV in Uganda, but because of meager resources we cannot direct our programs at them at this time."
About 1,700 delegates from all over the world attended the meeting.

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