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Q Puzzle

December 15, 2008


1 Pansy supporter
5 Prevents from scoring, with “out”
10 Steven Greenberg, for one
15 Byron poem
16 “God loves everybody,” to Mychal Judge
17 Beat Generation poet Ginsberg
18 Actor Mapa
19 Lucci’s Kane in _All My Children_
20 Blonde Ambition, and others
21 RN’s offering
22 “The New Adventures of ___ ” (Sykes TV program)
24 Scrabble piece that often goes with the Q
26 Like a straight line, for short
27 Pose for Diana Davies
28 Leisha’s character on “The L Word”
29 Early man’s opening
30 Has a seven-year problem with Marilyn Monroe?
33 International ___
34 Big load
35 Give the slip to
36 Sykes won an Emmy writing for this program
42 Gomer’s “anti”
43 Access ending
44 Benefit
45 Tries to seduce
48 Sophie B. Hawkins’ “___ Lay Me Down”
49 Paul Lynde, on “Bewitched”
50 “Cat ___ Hot Tin Roof”
51 In the pink
53 Port in the land of samurai
54 Sykes sitcom
58 British TV doctor
60 Response to an online personal
61 Type of probe
62 Unresponsive to a come-on
63 O’Connor of “Xena”
64 Bill T. Jones’ partner Zane
65 Humorist Bombeck
66 Log Cabin list, e.g.
67 Open positions?
68 Rubber-stamp


1 Strip under the futon
2 “Lifeboat” actress Bankhead
3 Type of dysfunction
4 Britten’s raincoat
5 Ancient erection
6 Crowd at the gay rodeo?
7 They’re horny and hung like horses
8 Music style at some circuit parties
9 Rubberneck
10 “Nuts!”
11 What little things mean, in a Cher song
12 Like a Stonewall Democrats state
13 Collaborator with Elton
14 Blow-ups for 52-Down
22 Cheer for Lorca
23 Queer behavior
25 Where to find polar bears
28 6 in., e.g.
29 Susan B. Anthony dollar, e.g.
31 Fab Five syllable for many a straight guy
32 Name in aviation
34 “Claire of the Moon” actor Todd
35 Petty of “A League of Their Own”
37 Elev.
38 Sitcom with Sara Gilbert
39 Circumsion, e.g.?
40 “I Cain’t Say No” musical
41 Pee-___ Herman
45 Eiffel’s erection, and others
46 Hard stuff in your mouth
47 Tomorrow, to Frida
48 Shelfmate of Elle and Cosmo
49 Milk, so to speak
52 Charles, who could make you a man
53 Shrek and others
55 Advice from Richard Simmons
56 Protected, to seamen
57 Police incursion at Stonewall
59 Word on a drag queen’s bottle
62 David Geffen’s former position at DreamWorks

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