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From Ellen’s Commencement Speech

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1 Some G.M. cars
5 It comes out of your head
9 t.A.T.u., e.g.
13 Gallo portrayer in “And the Band Played On”
14 Olympic medalist Louganis
15 Weight loss product
16 Ellen: “When I was your age, I was dating men. So what I’m saying is …”
18 Rimbaud’s zip
19 Slangy term of endearment
20 “Howl” poet
22 Wheel track
24 Falco of “The Sopranos”
25 Made a deep throaty sound
29 In cahoots
33 Fine, at NASA
34 Speed at which you come
36 Like the subjects of “Gay and Gray”
37 Use your mouth unfaithfully
39 See 16-Across
41 Room in a casa
42 See 16-Across
44 Takes to court
46 Bottom line
47 Russian River or Provincetown
49 Dancer Duncan
51 Poet ___ Wu
53 What he becomes, with gender reassignment
54 Shooter of Rimbaud
58 “___ My Heart in San Francisco”
62 Skin softener
63 See 16-Across
65 Single drag queen’s title
66 Top
67 Vehicle with treads
68 Overture to a split end?
69 Broadway light
70 Slight advantage

1 Look at a hottie in a bar, perhaps
2 K through 12
3 Had too much, briefly
4 “Trying Hard to Hear You” author Scoppettone
5 “Where did ___ wrong?”
6 AZT, e.g.
7 Queer, to straights
8 Meeting outline
9 Muscle Mary’s weights
10 What Washington wouldn’t tell
11 Glenn Burke, formerly
12 Fender nick
17 Like a chicken hawk’s prey
21 Hole entered by a Minuteman
23 Lions or Tigers or Bears
25 Eva of “Gigi”
26 Husband of Pocahontas
27 Rubber-stamps
28 Durango deity
30 “My Own Private ___ ”
31 Moray seeker
32 Area of Tennessee?
35 Poet Kitty
38 Like unavailing cries, to Shakespeare
40 Gay wedding guide author Ayers
43 Bear up there
45 Indian head, once?
48 Taipei’s land
50 Cut
52 Where Dick Button performed
54 Drag queen on the make
55 Film director Kazan
56 “Lady Sings the Blues” star
57 Giggling Muppet
59 Cry of mock horror
60 Dracula feature
61 Little biker in a Gay Pride march
64 Spy novelist Deighton

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