For Lanford Wilson: Stolen Letter

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1 “Beat it!”
5 Some of Mary’s lambs
9 Perkins’ “Psycho” role
14 Full house, e.g.
15 Org. that has never been to Uranus
16 Place for champagne
17 Ceramic likeness of Dave Pallone?
19 Dorothy, to Em
20 Bloom of “The Producers”
21 Manhandled
23 Radiation dosage
24 Peruvian that may climb ev’ry mountain
26 Mild censure on the wrist
28 Overhang at Whitman’s hatch hut?
34 Noted lab assistant
37 Old Spanish queen
38 Causing goosebumps
39 Chaplin partner
40 Edna Ferber novel
43 Elizabeth of “Transamerica”
44 It’s queerer than fiction
46 Tony Randall’s “7 Faces of Dr. ___”
47 Puts it to
48 Place for souvenirs of Mychal Judge?
52 “The Great Masturbator” painter
53 S&M namesake
57 Like some stares
60 Responds to Margaret Cho
63 “Once Upon a Mattress” legume
64 Florida State rival
66 Gay guy’s “Uh-oh …”?
68 Cole Porter title city
69 British peer
70 Gin type
71 Rufus Wainwright output
72 In two parts
73 Lanford Wilson inn, and a hint about a stolen letter


1 Longtime Dolphins coach Don
2 “Hill Street Blues” regular Veronica
3 Where to hop, in a Dr. Seuss book
4 Auberjonois on “Deep Space Nine”
5 The Castro and Dupont Circle
6 Where pictures are hung
7 Birthright seller of the Bible
8 Lays down the law
9 Being tied down by a lover
10 “Not a Pretty Girl” singer Di Franco
11 Opera house level
12 Latin homo leader?
13 Appear to be
18 Soc. Security fund source
22 Subordinate Claus
25 Like hot tub water
27 Ponies up in advance
29 New Age music pioneer
30 Liberace’s choice of fur
31 Deity on “Xena”
32 Go to the bottom
33 Sailors cruise on them
34 “I” of Socrates
35 Hiker’s snack
36 Obligation, in court
41 “___ Spartacus!”
42 Disposition to kindness
45 Heroes that get eaten
49 Kind of shot
50 Out of sorts
51 Silence for Tchaikovsky
54 Ohno of Geert Blanchart’s sport
55 Place for a pickup
56 Canvas site
57 Shakespeare’s Puck, and others
58 “See ya!” to Marcella Hazan
59 Plaything for a kitten
61 Wife in Rilke’s homeland
62 Princess Diana had one
65 Gig fraction
67 Prefix in a kids’ clothing line

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