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Porn got Pierre Fitch’s career rolling, but he didn’t stop there – the Canadian cutie’s been DJing for nearly three years. “I’ve always had a passion for music,” he told us recently. And his sonic enthusiasm will make its way to the Detroit area on June 4 at Ice Nightclub.
Before the gig, Fitch filled us in on his career transition, going from bottom to top and having sex with himself.

What’s going on, Pierre?
Just working on my site right now.

What can we expect from your site?
I’m relauching everything, and it should be done in the next month and a half. It’s going completely mobile compatible, where you can watch all my movies from your iPad in my member’s area. It’s going to be sick.

What’s better – being a porn star or DJ?
I like music much better. Being a porn star was just my first job, and I’m going through a transition – being more of a DJ than porn star.

Are you giving up porn completely?
No, no. Not completely. I’m still going to have my site. I’m just not going to do as much for my site.

Why DJ?
During my 10-year anniversary of being a porn star I decided to become a DJ. It’s been 12 years that I’ve been in the porn business. A long time. But that was my ultimate goal – to become famous when I was young.

What do you like most about DJing?
Making the crowd happy by putting some good music on.

What were you listening to as a kid?
Oh my god. I was playing rap, Ace of Base and New Kids on the Block.

Favorite New Kid?
I don’t even remember what their names are it’s been so long!

How often are you shooting porn now?
It’s been over a year and a half. I haven’t really shot anything until recently. I guess I’ve been lazy. (Laughs)

You have your own line of Fleshjack toys. Have you used any of them on yourself?
Of course. I use them on my cam shows.

What’s your favorite piece?
The butt.

But aren’t you more of a bottom?
I preferred to take it back in the day, but now I’m more of a top. I’ve been bottoming for 11 years or more. My ass is exhausted. (Laughs)

Is there an album in the works?
Not yet. But I’m going to school now to learn how to produce music, so I should have something soon.

What will it sound like?
Good house music with good vocals.

Who would you want on the album?
Lady Gaga, probably. She’s everyone’s favorite. And Britney Spears. And Pink. And maybe Whitney Houston.

Do you have any other hidden talents besides music?
Nah, that’s about what it is. But you never know. I’m more focused on DJing than anything right now. I’m probably going to shoot a few scenes for my website in the next year, but DJing is where I’m most focused. Who knows what my next projects will be. There are lots of years to go still.

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