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By Emell Derra Adolphus

From left to right: Ryan Rose, Hot Rod and Zeb Atlas. Photos courtesy of David Forest.

Porn honcho David Forest knows what you do late in the night and he wants to give you a hand. Surely, sometimes, maybe late at night or early afternoon for some – after you’ve failed to take someone home from the bar, and you’re watching gay porn with the volume just loud enough to hear man grunts – you’ve fantasized about how fun it’d be to meet a porn star.
When Forest, the “grand daddy” of gay adult films, brings his “I Wanna Meet A Pornstar” live show to Detroit on Sept. 14, he hopes to make your naughtiest dreams come true. The show stars porn performers Ryan Rose, Hot Rod and Zeb Atlas in near-naked stripteases that give the audience a look inside their … um … personalities.

How did you get your name?
Ryan Rose: “Ryan” is close to what my real name is, and I am actually from Chicago. The Chicago Bulls have a player that was named MVP, Derrick Rose, and I kind of wanted to represent where I came from.
Hot Rod: They used to call me “Hot Rod” when I was younger.
Zeb Atlas: The original photographer (erotic photographer Ron Lloyd) thought that I was strong like Atlas, the man holding up the world (in Greek mythology).

What do you consider masculine?
RR: In my eyes, if you open your mouth and glitter unicorns and a purse drops out, that’s usually of the effeminate side.
HR: If I am the top I like a softer guy. I am very much into someone I can kind of kiss on the forehead, fuck them. I don’t like for people to challenge me.
ZA: It’s so varied, for me it’s a strong man with chiseled features, someone who is athletic and (has) a deep voice.

Are you a Republican or Democrat?
RR: You could say I have an active role in politics, definitely.
HR: Neither. I absolutely don’t care about politics. Politics nowadays seem to me like a very big popularity contest. I’ve never been big into politics. It gets confusing and my brain … I just … I just can’t.
ZA: I am actually not registered. Shame on me, but I think I would swing more toward democratic views.

What’s your favorite movie?
RR: A couple actually: “The Shawshank Redemption,” “Dazed and Confused” and probably “Scarface.”
HR: Um, I like comedies. I like some older comedies. “The First Wives Club” and “Mean Girls.”
ZA: Probably “The Shawshank Redemption” and “Wedding Crashers.”

Are you reading any books at the moment?
RR: I am actually re-reading “The Great Gatsby.”
HR: I don’t really like books, to tell the truth. I don’t really read books. If I need to know something, I Google it. I don’t like books for entertainment. I have a short attention span, so even if I wanted to read I would never make it through a book.
ZA: I’m not much of a reader to be honest.

Do you want kids?
RR: Yes.
HR: No. I want a dog.
ZA: Yes. I think so.

How do you feel about same-sex marriage?
RR: If one person has the right to be married, I think all people deserve the right to be married.
HR: I absolutely don’t want to get married. I don’t care to who – a woman or a man.
ZA: I am all for it. Everybody should be equal.

What feature turns you on most about a guy?
RR: I like someone who is well-grounded. I am a sucker for great eyes. Eyes you can just get lost in. And, of course, physical features: a well-defined body and abs. Not so much very feminine guys. If I wanted a chick, I would get a chick.
HR: I like both masculine and feminine, but I can’t do too feminine.
ZA: This is the one I really did not want to answer. I would say eyes if you really need something.

What are some difficult things to deal with while on the job?
RR: There’s a couple of shoots that I have had with gay-for-pay guys that were completely scared of some things. Also, sometimes with gay-for-pay guys they wouldn’t know how to properly clean themselves.
HR: Hygiene. Make sure your ass doesn’t stink.
ZA: As a top, you have to be able to get hard all the time. I guess it’s more difficult for the top.

Is it hard not to feel an emotional connection while working?
RR: In my eyes, it may not be a lustful connection, but it’s human nature you form a bond with the person you have sex with. You connect on a different level than if you meet at a club and just are friends.
HR: I just get into character. The lights come on and I have a job to do.
ZA: No. I can separate it, because sex is sex, and sex with someone I love is love.

What keeps you in the mood at work?
RR: I strive for a connection, but if not, I always have memories of hot times in my head that really get my engine going.
HR: I like being with someone I have chemistry with. When I am attracted to someone and the scene goes as it should, that’s when Hot Rod comes out and everyone is satisfied at the end of the day.
ZA: A good imagination and a cell phone with pictures or video.

What part of your body hurts after a hard day’s work?
RR: Usually, your dick gets sore. Your balls throb. If you’re bottoming your, uh, rear gets tender. Depending on where you are shooting and the position, your legs or your arms turn to Jell-O.
HR: I can’t even say my dick or my ass. Believe me, it’s a full body work out.
ZA: Legs and calfs.

Biggest drawback about your job?
RR: Everybody thinks we are sexaholics or nymphos. Or that we are blowing a cameraman in between takes. I wish someone would have told me how hard it would be to find someone willing to be in a relationship.
HR: A lot of people try to take advantage of you.
ZA: Probably just public perception. That it’s taboo. Especially on the gay side, how it’s perceived (doing) gay porn.

Lights on or off?
RR: Dimmed. I like to see their body and facial expressions, like if I am hitting the right spot. I’m kind of a big pleaser.
HR: I like to see what’s going on, so, on.
ZA: Oh, I like them on.

Do you keep your socks on?
RR: The situation would dictate. Maybe if I didn’t get ample time to take them off. If it’s in the heat of the moment, it can wait.
HR: It depends on the day. If I am thinking about it, I take them off.
ZA: If you’re really in the heat of the moment, you can leave them on, but most of the time I prefer them off.

Does size matter?
RR: To be honest, I am kind of a size queen – even with people who are bottoms.
HR: Yes. I’m pretty big, so you kind of expect the same on the other end. And nobody wants to be stabbed. Little things hurt: needles, fingers, dicks.
ZA: Um, I will pass.

What is the best sex you’ve ever had?
RR: It would probably be when I was in boot camp at the Marine Corp. It was at night and I was standing guard and everyone else was sleeping and one of these other guys, an incredible stud, kind of gave me this look. So I followed him and was like “Hey, are you all right?”
I knew I was gay at this time, but not telling anyone because, of course, I am in the military. I went in for a kiss not knowing what the outcome was going to be and before I knew it we were ripping off each other’s clothes. Meanwhile, our drill instructors were in the next room sleeping, so if we were caught it would have been extremely bad. So we are going at it and he says “fuck me.” He started sucking my dick and I slid it in. The risk of everything was very hot and very sexy.
HR: I had sex once around my birthday in Puerto Rico on the rooftop of the resort we were staying in at night. I’ve had amazing sex in the car. Like, you would have never known a car had so much space. It felt like an SUV; it was in a Chrysler 300.
ZA: I don’t know. I’ve had so much. I think meeting somebody for the first time in a hotel room. Hotel room sex is pretty hot.

I Wanna Meet A Pornstar
10 p.m. Sept. 14
928 McNichols Road W., Detroit

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