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BTL 2014 Michigan Voter Guide

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By AJ Trager

MICHIGAN – Between The Lines has created a 2014 Voter Guide available both in print and online, filled with detailed spreadsheets that will show Michigan voters which major endorsements each candidate has received up and down the ticket.
Voters will get a more complete picture of which candidates stand for fairness and equality as well as be able to follow the Michigan NOW and Planned Parenthood endorsements to see which candidates support a woman’s right to choose.
Other endorsement categories include the Michigan Sierra Club and the Michigan League of Conservation Voters, offering a look at candidates’ stances on natural resources. The Michigan UAW’s endorsements gauge candidates’ engagement in supporting the labor movement.
“LGBT voters and their allies need to know which candidates stand for fairness and equality,” Jan Stevenson, BTL’s co-publisher, said. “We evaluated candidates on the basis of their answers to our questionnaires, their voting records and their public statements regarding the rights of LGBT Michiganians. We then endorsed candidates who are committed to full equal rights for LGBT people, including equality in marriage, employment, housing and public accommodations.”
The 2014 Voter Guide will include a list of endorsements from two of Michigan’s right-wing groups so voters can see which candidates will be active in fighting against equality and fairness, if elected. Those endorsements are listed from the Michigan Right to Life and the Citizens for Traditional Values.
For two weeks prior to the election, the Voter Guide will be inserted into the paper. It is also available online at By typing in their zip code, voters have access to a digital copy of the guide that they may share with friends to spread the word on which candidates stand for equality.
Around 35 percent of U.S. voters who voted in the 2012 presidential election did not vote in the 2010 off-year election. Michigan is less than two weeks away from deciding who will be the next governor and elected officials for the state. Share the 2014 Voter Guide and “Get Out The Vote” to change Michigan history.

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