Go Comedy! Extends Season's Greetings #Hohoho

By John Quinn

Go Comedy! Improv Theatre presents its sixth annual original holiday show, "Hashtag The Holidays" through Dec. 20. The holiday-themed comedy revue is written by and features (L-R) RJ Cach, Suzie Jacokes, Dez Walker, Tim Kay, Heather Sejnowski and James Cerini. Photo: SMyers

The Critic has no social media presence on the Internet #curmudgeon. In fact, I'm waiting for an anti-social media site to open so I can dislike everybody at once and save time and gas #bahhumbug. But we're well into the season to be jolly #deckthemalls, so a trip to Ferndale #fabulous for GO Comedy!'s #gocomedy annual romp #xmaspar-tay is in order.
"Hashtag The Holidays" is a sketch comedy #original, written and performed by Rj Cach, James Cerini, Suzie Jacokes, Tim Kay, Heather Sejnowski and Dez Walker #perps, with additional writing by Lisa Jacokes, Peter Jacokes and Aaron Johnstone #aidingandabetting The show is directed by Pj Jacokes and Tommy LeRoy with assistance from Aaron Johnstone #puppetmasters.
Sketch comedy is an established form of contemporary humor #SNL, in which improvisational techniques #thesecondcityetc are used to build ready-for-the-stage #crossedfingers vignettes #drivebycomedy. As is common to its genre, "Hashtag the Holidays" is a mixed bag #santa #naughtyornice. There are very successful bits #candycanesandmodeltrains and some marginal #coalinyourstocking. A couple have strong lead-ups, but weak punchlines #funnyasaheartattack. Sketch comedy highlights originality #didntseethatcoming, so unnecessarily recalling Comedy of Christmas Past is disappointing #2wildandcrazyguys.
Staging for improv and sketch comedy trends towards minimalism #buddycanyouspareadime. The most successful skits in "Hashtag the Holidays," though, involve fairly elaborate costumes and props #yougottahaveagimmick. Dez Walker and Heather Sejnowski experience the horror of chestnuts roasting on an open fire #meltorme when the living flames are colleagues in full body suits #youhadmeatyellow.
The hit of the evening #savethebestforlast is an elaborately choreographed, slow motion snowball fight that simply gets out of control #laurelandhardy. The structure is elegant #franklloydwright, the timing flawless #igotrhythm, and the bit is visually striking #snowballtothegut.
There is room for some quieter comedy #wisewittyintrospective, as Dez Walker and Suzie Jacokes mark the years of a marriage #thehoneymoonisover through the couple's holiday traditions #festivaloflights. For sketch comedy, it's remarkably thoughtful and sweet #sugarplum.
Only six years old, GoComedy!'s yuletide salute is a child compared to hoarier holiday traditions #achristmascarol. But keep in mind when making your list #checkingittwice of seasonal entertainment that "Hashtag The Holidays" has been very good #forgoodnesssake this year.

'Hashtag The Holidays'
Go Comedy! Improv Theater
261 E. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale
8 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 4, 11, 18
8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 28, Dec. 5, 12, 19
8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 22, 29, Dec. 6, 14, 20
1 hour, 15 minutes; no intermission


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