Kathy Griffin Speaks Out On Bill Cosby: ‘Allegedly Probably Guilty’

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As we await more scandals and gratuitous butt pics in 2015, comedian Kathy Griffin weighs in on some of the biggest pop-culture stories of last year: from “Peter Pan Live!” to Madonna’s boobs and Taylor Swift’s weight.

“Peter Pan Live!”: “I loved that young Ellen DeGeneres.”

Madonna’s boobs in Interview Magazine: “As long as she’s holding them up by her hands firmly, I say, bring ’em on.”

Bill Cosby: “Umm… I’m gonna go with probably guilty because he’s probably guilty. I don’t have a story, but I’m just saying, those types of stories have been circulating as long as I’ve been in comedy, so frankly I just wish this stuff would’ve been exposed decades earlier, because I’m gonna go with allegedly probably guilty.”

Annie Lennox calling Beyonce “feminist lite”: “Love Annie. Somebody’s gotta say it. And she’s legit – too legit to quit.”

All the Nick Jonas nakedness: “Nobody wants to see him with his shirt on. Take the shirt off and sing, Marky Mark, Jr.”

All the Kardashian nakedness: “I am not gonna be happy until I see one of them doing a live actual anal bleaching, and I’m assuming it’s gonna be Kylie.”

Taylor Swift: “I don’t wanna use the word ‘chubby’ – I’m just gonna say she’s gotten a little … I’m gonna go with tubby. Because, you know, she knows she’s gotta stay under 95 pounds or else the career is over.”

For our full interview with Kathy Griffin, who reveals Joan Rivers passed the ‘Fashion Police’ torch onto her BEFORE her untimely death (and, is Kathy making a dig at an “SNL” alum?!), head here.

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