Touring With Alan Turing

1 They may be exchanged for tits
5 Boat that's often blown up
9 Stonewall
14 For most students
15 Scat queen
16 Bone below the waist
17 Sal Mineo played one in "Rebel Without a Cause"
18 Antiaircraft fire
19 Some tennis scores
20 Feed a line to a portrayer of Alan Turing?
23 Steely Dan's "___ Lied"
24 Gallup specialty
25 "With ___ toward none" (Abe phrase)
28 Bottom support
29 Straight line
32 John of "Gay Sex Quotes"
33 Platform at an HRC gala
34 Not a short story
35 Date a portrayer of Joan Clarke regularly?
38 Queen's "subjects"
39 Competes
40 Up and about
41 Saint, in Rio
42 Lacking locks
43 Force from office
44 Bear hunter Boone, briefly
45 Shrewd
46 The puns of this puzzle, if you think they're annoying?
52 Cut of meat
53 On-line 'zine
54 Have itchy feet
56 Gertrude's partner
57 Home of some bubbly
58 Amount of AZT, e.g.
59 Lord of La Mancha
60 The majority
61 One way to cook fruit

1 Number of gay men under a centurian?
2 Obi-Wan player
3 Via, briefly
4 Robin and Jimmy Olsen
5 Prove wrong
6 " ___ Children"
7 Jazzercise target
8 Be the recipient in S&M?
9 Where to find a stallion
10 Like some pools
11 Somewhat
12 "The Mod Squad" character
13 S&M unit
21 Secret store
22 Portia de ___
25 Flat tops
26 "Spartacus" venue
27 "Of course I ___ people …" (Quentin Crisp)
28 Sounded off at a frat hazing
29 Dustin in "Midnight Cowboy"
30 Gawks at
31 Batman's alter ego Bruce
33 Group of dentists that penetrates your mouth?
34 Where to see cracks in boat bottoms
36 An ex of the Donald
37 Allman ex of Cher
42 Athlete who swings his stick
43 "Doggone!"
44 Music of the the Village People
45 Librace's minks, e.g.
46 Some nest eggs, for short
47 Hedwig, to Michael C. Hall
48 End of a dry spell
49 Britney Spears' "___ Curious"
50 Kind of point
51 Make more bearable
55 Small pussy noise


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