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Detroit Ranked Fourth Most Generous City For Gay Men

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As the LGBT community continues to make strides toward marriage recognition across the United States, many homosexual men are taking alternative approaches to finding “the one.”
Date-auction site collected member data to discover the most generous gay cities in America, ranking the nation’s cities based on the generousity of single gay men offering dates in the area., which boasts more than 87,000 gay members, calculated generosity according to the average first-date offer made through the site.
According to the study, the most generous city for gay men is Minneapolis. Whether it’s because Minnesota recently legalized marriage for the LGBT community, or simple Midwest chivalry, gay men in Minneapolis are the most generous in America.

Top 10 Most Generous Gay Cities in America:

1. Minneapolis – $446
2. Orlando – $395
3. Indianapolis – $391
4. Detroit – $300
5. Pittsburgh – $271
6. Memphis – $250
7. Atlanta – $249
8. Chicago – $241
9. Phoenix – $213
10. San Francisco – $202

“The LGBT community has always been recognized as generous, so it’s really no surprise to see gay men investing in a first date.” said Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of

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