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The Thrill of the Right

By |2015-10-08T09:00:00-04:00October 8th, 2015|Entertainment, Puzzles|

1 Hit boxers
5 Alexandre, who wrote about a male threesome
10 Ty with a big stick
14 Fine-tune
15 Not straight
16 Bars for gay chefs
17 Where to see “Modern Family”
18 Cagney’s TV partner
19 Elizabeth of “Transamerica”
20 Title start of a rock anthem used without permission at a rally for 49-Across
22 End of the title
23 Daughters of Bilitis co-founder Phyllis
24 Fruit flavor for gin
26 Klein of underwear
29 Be stunned by a hottie, e.g.
33 Reed in a pit
34 Funny Cheri
35 Where to go for Carnaval
36 Item denied to gay couples by 49-Across
40 And so on, for short
41 Cole Porter title city
42 Disney pictures
43 Pirate, for one
45 Short-legged dog
47 Caesar’s girlfriend told them “Bite me!”
48 Homer’s boy
49 Homophobe Kim
52 Homophobe Mike
56 Like some twins
57 Dean Cain’s role with Lois
59 Georgia spread on the screen
60 Tutti-frutti holder
61 Japanese poem
62 Vows now legal for the LGBT community
63 Got a little behind
64 Gawks at
65 It’s for Colette

1 Where a cobbler puts the tongue
2 Express ride
3 Opening amount
4 What a cowboy shoots off
5 007 portrayer Timothy
6 Brigham Young man, for one
7 Disney’s Mickey and Minnie, e.g.
8 Tavern order
9 Swine cooler?
10 Reproduced nonheterosexually
11 Jackie’s designer
12 Pasolini’s well
13 Wild male
21 Murphy Brown’s TV show
22 Something to talk about
24 Shaft from way back
25 Petty of “A League of Their Own”
26 Has the big O
27 Let up
28 Spanish castle city
29 Gay rodeo target
30 Beach birds
31 Controversial path for same-sex partners, once
32 Perform, to Shakespeare
34 Shrek and others
37 Transvestite boast?
38 Golden years org.
39 Tickled pink
44 Blew it
45 Foppish “Gilligan’s Island” actor Jim
46 Sacred chest
48 Glenn who played for the Dodgers
49 Style of many South Beach buildings
50 Openly confess
51 It crosses Hollywood
52 Word with Mary
53 Expressed, as farewell
54 Love of Lesbos
55 Right on a map
57 Comedienne Margaret
58 Fall behind

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